So its all true...

The Hags of the Straight Dope are plotting to take over this board…where does that leave us red-blooded chauvinistic pigs?

Can we have a Bastards of the Straight Dope orginization?

wonder if we’ll have to get permission from the SDH’s…they are growing in numbers at an astronomical rate…I am very afraid.

Runs away from MPSIMS before I get bitch-slapped or tit-slapped…don’t mind the tit-slapping so much

So,… that thread the other day… you were actually recruiting, I suppose?

yeppers, I knew this day was coming…its good to plan for these emergencies…

gotta go, I hear them coming.

I knew checking in at this late hour would pay off.

Dibs on being Bastard #1!

Okay, concrete, I realize that it’s your idea, but by programmer/binary tradition, you should be Bastard #0. That way you can have root privileges and such.

I told you I was a bastard.

Watch this space for an exciting addition to my sig.