Our newest Doper!

Our newest member, according to the display at the bottom of my screen, is named AllGenericRx ! Let’s all give him or her a hearty SDMB welcome! I’m sure there’s absolutely no spamming in AllGenericRx’s future plans for the board, and he or she will become a valued, long-time member of the Straight Dope community.

Who’s with me? :cool:

Welcome! Now where is the penis mightier? Is that in stock yet?

Ooh! Maybe the newest member can help me find some generic V1A6Ra!!
Um, for a friend.

Personally, I find his/her posts amusingly quixotic.

I think there’s a pill for that…that quixotic you have.


Thanks for bringing that to our attention. We try to catch those as quick as we can, but the Mods only have so many eyes.

If you see one of those, please feel free to email one of the mods. Seems the “comment spammers” have been hitting us pretty heavy the past month or so. It would be nice to have extra eyes scanning the newest member announcement.

Oh yes, and if you click on the name, you’ll see whether we’ve already banned the name or not. If we have not - fire up the email.

Thanks, OCS!


Hey, anything for TPTB @ my favorite board. Actually, I was taking a bit of a risk: I was getting ready to eat a LOT of crow if our friend AllGenericRx turned out to be a real person who just liked the name for the irony value… :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re taking a risk? If it turns out to be a new Doper going for a hipster username, you won’t be the one who just banned him!

Now I’m thinking I don’t want to change my username to **Discount See Alice **.

wouldn’t you like to know