So its Sunday night...

And there’s nothing on TV.

Background: I am too cheap to pay for cable. As well, for whatever reason, I only get decent reception for FOX (Eris bless 'em, too, because it is my favorite station).

Normally they have some decent late-night programming on after the news. Some Seinfield, a little Simpsons, maybe that Married With Children rip-off show, Happily Ever After? Some mind-numbing programming, good for late night TV.

Well, good for late night TV when the night in question isn’t Sunday. For some reason, FOX signs off at midnight on Sunday! How the heck does that happen? Every Sunday night I am awake later than usual on “typical” work nights (that is, where ya get up the next morning) because of the result of Sunday mornings: I sleep in pretty late from happy-happy Saturday nights.

So here I am, wide awake, mind ready to suck up bad commercials and worse programming (Simpsons excluded, of course), and they don’t have a thing on. :frowning: Not even a Miss Cleo infomercial! not even how I can get rich quick by getting into the lucrative world of “selling advice on how to sell real estate”— oops!- I mean, selling real estate! I would even watch a rebroadcast of the news show I already watched. They used to show repeats of old X-Files, then they went to infomercials, and now nothin’!


Anyone else cursed by Sunday nights?

I’m too cheap for cable too. Although I can get a few other channels besides FOX,it’s a wasteland out there this time of the night. I watch a lot of PBS, and they sign off at midnight most nights.

I’d pop in one of my Absolutely Fabulous tapes into the VCR, but I loaned them all to my sister.:frowning:

Yeah, and here in the ole “buckle of the bible belt” everything shuts down early on Sunday, so there’s nothing to go out and do. And of course, I have to get up for work in the morning so just about the time the board starts heatin’ up, I gots to go to sleep. :frowning:

I, too, cannot afford cable. (Also, our landlord refuses to let anyone in the building have cable installed.)

I rely on my VCR. I have lots of old shows taped: Buffy, Star Trek-TNG, Bablylon 5, South Park (from a friend,) Red Dwarf (from a friend) and so on. Plus I have lots of movies and short features. (Like Nick Parks claymation and the Spike and Mike’s Festival of Animation… that sort of thing.) That way, if I’m not interested in any of my books, I do have entertainment that doesn’t involve harrassing the cat.

However, right now I don’t even have a TV to watch, as the picture tube blew about 3 weeks ago and I haven’t saved up enough money to buy a new TV. :frowning: I want my Simpsons fix!