So Kelly Clarkson wasn't quite Amateur?

It sure looks that way. Should she be disqualified?

2 cents from someone who never even watched a single episode of the show:

Am I outraged? Hardly. What did anyone EXPECT? Did you really think this show was supposed to showcase accountants who sing in the shower? Secretaries who only sing in their church choirs? Guys who sing Italian songs while they toss pizzas?


The show was designed to attract people with ambitions of singing professionally. Some of them were undoubtedly doing the proverbial “waiting tables” and “driving cabs” kind of jobs, while they tried to get their big break in the music business, but it stands to reason that almost all of them had sung for money in the past, and that nearly all of them had tried to get recording contracts before.

The performers on this show were “amateurs” in the same way that college football and basketball players are amateurs: that is, they haven’t gotten paid (not much, anyway) for their efforts to date, but they HOPE to make a lot of money down the road.

Kelly was a complete unknown, just like all the other contestants, when she first appeared on the show. That she’d sung semi-professionally before is neither surprising nor immoral.

Somebody beat you to it.

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