What happened to American Idol Kelly Clarkson?

What happened to this chick? It’s like AI ended on monday and by friday we never heard from her again. She never seemed like anything special. I think that Sideshow Bob shoulda won. He would prolly still be around.

Any ideas?

What do you mean what happened to her? I didn’t watch the show, but they play her song all the time on the radio now. You know… “for a moment like this…”. You can’t escape it; it’s everywhere. I guess they keep saying her album is due out in a few months.

In South Africa it took a good three months before our Idols winner, pretty boy Heinz Winckler (who definitely was not the best contestant and is pretty mediocr singer but all the housewives/teenage girls voted for ihm), put out his album. I’d say the same is probably true for Kelly.

Either that or Andy Warhol was correct.

Stinkpalm, check out the thread about Simon, where the same topic came up. I don’t know how you haven’t heard from her, but she’s been up to quite a bit. And you can find out more tomorrow in a half-hour show after the premiere of the second American Idol, where they are going to bring us up to date on where the contestants are now.

There was a minor controversy concerning her having been under a professional contract prior to AI. Her “people” have prolly been up to a little damage control.

japatlgt, my understanding is she didn’t have a professional recording contract, just a deal for a demo album.

My husband has two demo CDs. It’s not an uncommon thing. He sure wishes a demo meant a recording contract, but it’s only a means of gaining said contract.

Well, she wasn’t on the Old Navy “Family Fleece” commercial, anyway… :wink:


She wasn’t. She had made a couple of demos and the people she made them for were simply trying to find out if they could get the rights to release them (since her name has gotten known). This somehow morphed into the story of her having a contract. She didn’t.

If you really must know…

If there was ever a situation that demanded the phrase “shudder,” I think we’ve found it.

From what I read a couple of weeks back, her single was also the biggest selling single of last year. Not bad considering that I never hear a word about her most of the time.

Finally! A girl you can keep the sound on for!

OMG…someone please tell me that’s a joke. That’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard of.

WTF is she/he thinking?? I wonder if it’s part of the record contract. “You won, so you are now my whore. Go make a stupid movie, whores!”


I think that sums it up Ruffian.

Definitely shoulda released an album first.

I know the movie thing seems like a bit much but dont ya think she’s just adorable? I mean this has to be the first time I’ve called another woman cute and I’m damn proud of it.

Ruffian said:

Bingo. Their management is completely under somebody else’s control.

What the hell did she do to her hair???!!!

They play her music on the radio?? Not any stations I listen to, even the pop/dance one. And here I was wondering what the point of AI’s second season is since the last idol seemed to have quickly dropped off the face of the earth…

Well, the point of the show is to win. Whether or not you’ve heard her songs, they ARE getting play, and she’s made a LOT of money.

If I thought I could win a show that would get me a hit single or two and a million bucks, I’d be out there singing my ass off. Fifteen minutes of fame is enough to set yourself up for life.