I think Kelly Clarkson has a problem... :)

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**A Moment Like This Could Be Kelly’s Downfall **

Thursday, December 12, 2002
By Michael Starr

NEW YORK — Kelly Clarkson may not be the doe-eyed amateur she appeared to be when she won American Idol last summer.

Clarkson may have already had a recording contract – and was in the middle of making a record for someone else – when she showed up to audition for the show, Star magazine is reporting.

Isn’t Star a tabloid?

What I find odd is that Fox News is doing this to a Fox show. Of course there should be fair journalism but why reference the Star as your source? Yes, I would call it a tabloid too.

Incidently, notice how they mention the “American Idol Movie” in the article. This could be done just to drum up interest in a crappy movie and the next AI episodes.

It’s a Fox world. We just live in it.:eek:

I find it hard to believe that anybody who made it to the higher levels on the American Idol show could “not have recorded anything” or made a couple bucks here and there. Despite the dreck they sing they’re pretty talented and getting all the way to your late teens without recording anything or making any money seems impossible.

The people Kelly Clarkson was working though, is another story.

Why did such hotshot producers such as Gerry Goffin wait to speak up until now? Are they dumbasses?

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So, does this mean no one will watch the next American Idol?


No, huh?

Oh well.


2 cents from someone who never even watched a single episode of the show:

Am I outraged? Hardly. What did anyone EXPECT? Did you really think this show was supposed to showcase accountants who sing in the shower? Secretaries who only sing in their church choirs? Guys who sing Italian songs while they toss pizzas?


The show was designed to attract people with ambitions of singing professionally. Some of them were undoubtedly doing the proverbial “waiting tables” and “driving cabs” kind of jobs, while they tried to get their big break in the music business, but it stands to reason that almost all of them had sung for money in the past, and that nearly all of them had tried to get recording contracts before.

The performers on this show were “amateurs” in the same way that college football and basketball players are amateurs: that is, they haven’t gotten paid (not much, anyway) for their efforts to date, but they HOPE to make a lot of money down the road.

Kelly was a complete unknown, just like all the other contestants, when she first appeared on the show. That she’d sung semi-professionally before is neither surprising nor immoral.

Look, “American Idol” is, essentially, a latter day “Star Search.” When you saw two unknown comedians competing on “Star Search,” would you have been horrified to learn they’d both been playing at small comedy clubs for years? Again, OF COURSE NOT! Nobody expected the comedians (or singers) on “Star Search” to be rank amateurs off the street. It was taken for granted that they’d been toiling at their craft for some time, and were just looking for a chance to show off for a national audience.

Sideshow Bob talked quite a bit about the fact that he did singing gigs in addition to DJ work.

No big surprise. A fairly sad attempt to drum up interest…

I thought their point is not that she had sung before for money but that she already had a recording contract and a chance to be discovered. I never watched the show but from what I can tell from the atrticles and commercials is that AI was going to find an unknown talent and give them their first big break with a recording contract.

If she already had a contract then she already had her chance. She blocked someone else from the chance to get their big break.

Bottom line is that I really don’t care. I don’t watch the show or plan on buying any of her music.

Who cares if she had a recording contract.

Are there nude photos of her anywhere. That’s what important! I’d be sooooooo outraged that she would have to step down as the American Idol.

So, any nude photos? Anyone?

The most shocking thing about that article was this:

A movie? Yeesh. The show was already too long.

Zebra said:

Well, it was kind of against the rules of the show – that’s why people cared.

But as it turned out (I know everybody will be shocked), the Star was not quite right. In fact, it’s been pretty well cleared up by now and will blow over soon. Turns out the “recording contract” was not a recording contract, but just a demo thing – an audition, if you will, as an attempt to get a contract. Thus, no rules were broken.

(For more info, you can see the three articles I wrote about it as the story progressed on Foxes On Idol.)