So, my cats hate kangaroo mince

Worthless bastards. They have decided to refrain from eating it. Of course cats contribute so much.

And on the packs from supermarkets- prime mince will mean (if you look closely) kangaroo mince mixed with some other crap.

I think I dislike cats.

Maybe they would like kangaroo mice better?

That’s how I read the title.

Mine will stand up on hind legs and whine for it if she smells kangaroo mince; she loves it. Come to think of it, so do I!

Kangaroo mince makes a superior pasta sauce. Virtually no fat and delicious.

Help out this poor American, unfamiliar with Australian vernacular.

What’s kangaroo mince?

And if you tell me it’s mince made with kangaroos, at least tell me afterward what mince is. I’m guessing something like what we call hamburger?

I’m guessing it’s what we know as canned cat food here.

Minced meat is basically ground meat.

My Siamese girl turns up her nose at most ground beef. If it’s ground sirloin, MAYBE she’ll eat it, if there’s nothing more interesting around, and if she’s feeling hungry enough.

FWIW I personally find kangaroo a touch gamey in flavor, but then I don’t think I’d ever enjoy a raw mouse on a foggy morning. Not sure what standards to apply, big-picture wise.

But you might dislike cats? That is a very hard one to figure…

verb (minced, mincing)

–verb (t) 1. to cut or chop into very small pieces.

Shouldn’t you know this stuff, being a wombat and all?

Wombats are herbivores so knowledge of minced kangaroo is unlikely.
Although I could only find info on visible wombats.

Me too. I know they have tree kangaroos and kangaroo rats, so I assumed the OP’s cats were refusing to hunt some pesky marsupial or other.

I’ve never had a cat do well on kangaroo mince. Mostly they hate it… and on the one occasion that one hasn’t, it invariably ends badly.

Our fluffy cat was sold to us with a list of things he’d been raised to eat. ‘Kangaroo mince’ was right at the top of the list as the primary food. And yes, if you feed him kangaroo mince, he’ll eat it alright. Then he’ll throw it up less than five minutes later. NO wonder he was such a small kitten.

The best part is the kangaroo mince went through one of them big time. Now I wish they hadn’t even tried it.

He’s seen too many of those Looney Tunes cartoons where Sylvester mistakes the baby kangaroo for a giant mouse.

Nah - I’m basically a domesticated wombat (although my wife might disagree with that).

I still haven’t received a definitive answer: is “mince” cat food or ground meat for humans - or is there something else in addition to meat in it?

And is it common to feed it to cats, or is it more of an unusual treat?

Either. “Mince” is just chopped up/ground up meat. I’ll go into the butcher’s and buy half a kilo of beef mince and turn it into spag bol. Or you could buy a lesser grade of any type of mince for your pets, as **Cicero **was trying to do.

Just to stave off added confusion.:smiley:
Spag bol.