So my parents spend last night in a manger because there was no room at the inn.

Only it was just my father (& 2 of his friends). And it was a motel, not an inn. And the manger was the poolhouse. Dad went to a tractor pull in Kansas City with some friends. They got caught in the big snowstorm coming home yesterday in Indiana. They managed to make it to a motel, but it was booked up, but the manager let them stay in the poolhouse (I don’t know what he charged though). The woman who got the last room graciously offered to let one of him sleep on the spare bed in her room. They wisely decided to let the single guy go with her while the married guys slept in the pool. So anybody else have any stories re the recent snowstorm?

You might have a new brother. Or half-brother anyway.


What you mean to say, I’m sure, is “stable.”