So My Roommates are Pigs...

As many of you might remember, I dived into the wonderful world of living on campus this past January. For the spring semester, I shared a dorm room with Jess. We had a lot in common and became close friends. Jess found out toward the end of the semester that three of her friends needed two more room mates to complete an apt set up for five students. The apt has a full bathroom, kitchen, livingroom, and is fully furnished. All I had to bring was my bedroom junk that I already had from the spring semester. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity. In my mind, anything was better than having to walk down the hall every time I needed to pee.

The first few days in my new place went great. Everyone got along, all my professors were nice, and the apt was spotless.

Now, two weeks later, it is a rarity to come home to an empty sink. The dishes are piled in until they no longer fit. When they run out of room, my roomies lay the dishes on whatever counter space is available. Most of the time, the dishes are left in the sink for days on end unless someone else (usually me) gets sick of looking at the mess and cleans it. The general rule made clear to me at move-in was that all dished are to be cleaned and put away before you went to bed. I adhere to this rule, but no one else seems to be.

The trash is constantly overflowing… The bathroom sinks are constantly full of toothpaste and yucky soap grime… Soda cans are left on the coffe table for days…

:eek!: AAAAAHHHHH!!! :eek!:

What to do, what to do?!?!

I talked to one of my neater room mates about the situation and she said that the same thing happened last year. Their solution was to make up a chores list. One person would be responsible for cleaning a section of the apt or taking out the trash each week. The chore had to be completed by the end of the week.

Good plan, right?


Neat roomie then went on to tell me that the list did nothing because the person responsible for the chore would either do a half-ass job or just not do it at all.

I am not a neat freak, but I would like my surroundings to look fairly neat and liveable. Right now it looks like a cyclone hit.

I am torn about what to do. I was invited into this apt by the three girls that already lived here. I don’t want to come across as Miss Bitch Troublemaker. But I don’t want to live in filth the rest of the year either.

So tell me, O wise Dopers of the world, whatever should I do?

I’ve been there and it sucks. Sadly, there is nothing that you can do except move out as soon as you can and grit your teeth until then.


haj hit the nail on the head. If the chores list didn’t work, nothing will. One thing I used to do was to arrange a cleaning day every once in awhile. You have to use all of your enthusiasm building skills to try to trick all of your roomates into thinking a cleaning day will be fun. Once you’ve got them sucked in, get as much cleaning out of them as you can. This worked for me a few times.

Some hints on selling cleaning day:
[li]Buy a couple of pizzas for the event and drinks (but not beer or your cleaning day will be doomed by early afternoon).[/li][li]Crank up some upbeat music that you all like.[/li][li]Have the cleaning supplies out and ready to be used.[/li][li]Open all of the windows.[/li][li]Be enthusiastic about cleaning. Enthusiasm really is contagious.[/li][li]Have a movie / DVD / or some other non-mess making fun event planned for afterwards. This will make everyone feel like they were rewarded for a job well done.[/li][/ul]

Yeah, that would probably work better than standing around screaming, “You people are pigs! You make me sick! Clean up your own damn mess! ARRRRRRRGH!”

I am SO glad my housemates are clean people! I don’t care about individual bedrooms (mine’s actually probably the messiest!), but I do like to have the rest of the house relatively clean. We aren’t precisely vigilant about things like the sink and bathtub (like, who really has time for that between work and school?) but dishes and garbage get done almost every day. With 6 people plus the occasional S0, emptying the garbage every day is pretty much a must. I hope your housemates understand if you try to have a cleaning day!

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