So - my wedding dress found ME yesterday!

OK - to start at the beginning…I’m getting married on December 18th of this year. Its a 2nd marriage for me, but a 1st for Mr. skittles. We are having a big, and I mean BIG wedding. Well, maybe its just HUGE to me, others HAVE had bigger. So - that means the entire ball of wax goes along with it.

We’ve had hardly any trouble so far. The reception I wanted was open and we booked with ease. The church he wanted was open and we booked with ease. Same goes for photographer and videographer. The DJ is a terrible situation - but that is because music is very important to Mr. skittles. Anyway…

I’m having a total of six girls in the bridal party. They all have different figures and all want different styles of dresses. I want to be a nice bride - so I’m trying to let them find something they all agree on. Well, that isn’t working too well and eventually I will just pick it out for them. So that brings me to the dress store last night with my Matron of Honor.

We actually had an appointment for her to try on dresses. I was only going to try on dresses as a start to looking for my dress. First dress - TERRIBLE! Well, not terrible - just not for me. Second dress, well - its nicer…I wouldn’t NOT consider it…just not TADA! As I have on the second dress she runs out to find another long sleeve dress (I did mention the wedding is in December, didn’t I?) and brings me yet another one to try on. I put it on, look at the mirror, gasp, a few minutes later she starts to cry…in the end…THE DRESS FOUND ME!

I love it!!! It completely makes me feel like a princess!!! I can’t wait to wear it!

As for the bridesmaids dresses - she tried on a few. We were too shocked that we found my dress to really do any serious shopping. So I’ll have to make another appointment within the next few weeks.

When my sister-in-law got married she let the bridesmaids have a choice of a dress, but all in the same color. David’s Bridal had some basic dresses and so there were three to choose from. That worked out really well.

We - the proud, the few, the teeming - must insist that you either post a picture or a very detailed description. You can’t have a wedding dress thread with out describing the dress, now can you!! Inquiring minds want to know!

(And Happy Wedding, BTW!)

Even though I’m not much on big weddings, I’d like to see your dress, too! Also, why do the dresses all have to match? I like the idea of different dresses in the same fabric, color…or some other way to tie them together. Way cool. :cool:

Glad you found the perfect dress!

Now what on Earth was I thinking no posting the link? And thanks for the happy thoughts! :slight_smile:

I got my wedding dress at David’s! I love that store! Here it is! My wedding dress.

I think the idea of having different styles of dresses in the same color may be the ultimate way to go. My girls are all very interested in the specific styles they like. Can’t say I blame them.

Ooooooooohhhhh, pretty.

I went to a wedding last year where there were six or eight bridesmaids, all shapes and sizes – they did a couple of shades of purple, so they all coordinated, but each wore a dress that was very flattering (and, bizarrely enough, could be worn again later for a dressy occasion – they were mostly mid-calf length).

Beautiful Dress!!! Congratulations!

Oh and I’m with everyone else - the different styles/same color bridesmaid’s dresses sounds like a wonderful idea.

Very nice for a winter wedding. The train is gorgeous!

Thanks so much everyone!

The one thing that completely sold me was the train. Its cathedral length and detachable. So I won’t have to keep it attached the entire night if I don’t want to. I really like having that option.

I did just that. They seemed happier and you know what? It was one less thing I had to worry about - find the the one style that would look good or at least passable on everyone. People think I was being generous, but in reality, I was just being lazy!

My dress found me as well (much too long of a story to tell). I bought it at Davids and they had about 12 styles of bridesmaids dresses that could be made in the same fabric. I had 4 bridesmaids and as many body types. This was the perfect solution–they all looked fabulous and felt comfortable with their choices. The pictures were beautiful, because everyone was happy with their attire and at last count 3 had reworn the dress for some formal affair. The other benefit was the discount the ladies recieved because I had purchased my gown there.

That is definitely a gorgeous train! Glad that you found something so pretty. Congrats on your impending marriage. :slight_smile:

Ooooh, it’s beautiful!

My dress found me, too. I went to a small local bridal shop, thinking I’d rent a dress (why spend all that money, right?) But all their rental dresses were crap. My mom happened to look at a rack of discounted display-type dresses, and THERE IT WAS! I tried it on, fell in love, and we bought it that day. A few extremely minor alterations (none to the fit at all!) and it was done. Perfecto! Second dress I tried in the first shop I visited.

Awwwwww! That is so great!

Hey again. Sorry its taken me a few days to get back to this thread. Home sick yesterday. YUCK!

I was wondering if anyone had pictures of their bridal party that wore the different dresses? If you do, could you post them? I’d love to see how it looked.


Forget bridesmaids dresses, just throw the girls - er, the bridesmaids - in with the train;)

Your dress is gorgeous!! I love the detail on the train. I’m not sure if I read what color you are going with on that dress…are you going with the Ivory or the White? Either way it is still a beautiful dress!! Congrats!
I too am getting married. My date is not until 2/12/05, but all my deposits are made and rooms/services are booked.

I went to David’s as well and chose my bridesmaids dresses. I tried the “Just make sure the color and material are the same” thing, but it just wasn’t working. (all different sizes but thinking all the styles were looking good)

We decided to try the “mix and match seperates”, and ironically enough, they all chose the same matching tops and skirts. ( Which just happened to be the exact top and skirt I had hoped they would choose) :wink: And they all loved the Apple color I wanted. Being 2 days before Valentines Day, the SO and I really wanted it to be romantic but with out a theme.


sighs here is the rest of what the above was supposed to say…

I have yet to purchase my dress. I am what you call…dragging my feet. I have tried on several dresses but none have truly been what I want. I have never been one that has been the “girlie girl”, and liked formal wear, but I have always envisioned myself looking like a princess on my wedding day. Too bad I can’t be “princess like” in my Mr. Potato Head jammie pants and Rams jersey. hmmm…I wonder if I could find a tiara that would look well with that emsemble
Anyway…again…Congrats to you skittles and to Mr. skittles !! I wish you both a lifetime of happiness!!

Lovely dress. Wish I had a reason to buy one! :stuck_out_tongue:

My own dress had a detachable train. It really is convenient. But I do have an amusing picture taken at the reception. I am holding in my arms the infant son of the best man. Little guy is wearing white too, and my train had been swept forward and is hanging over my arm. It makes the baby look like he’s in one of those lon, fancy, christening gowns, and the fact it’s the bride who is holding him makes it funnier.

About the differing styles for the attendants gowns. Go to then click on “Wedding etiquette” at the left side. Scroll down to Titanic Wedding Disaster for a tale, with a happy ending, of differing bridesmaids dresses.

My dress will be in white. I know, maybe not the best for a 2nd time around, but I love it in white.

My girls will also wear that Apple color from David’s! I think we’ve finally decided on a dress today actually. Its the mix and match separates. The one with the 3/4 sheer sleeve.


Baker, that picture had to be hysterical