So psting it on FB makes it better?

Ex-husband is traumatized by the comments his ex-wife is writing in the notes section of his alimony checks. He hires a lawyer to sue her for the emotional distress. Then the lawyer posts a copy of the check on FB for all the world to see.
Wouldn’t that cause more emotional distress?

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Reminds me of the guy who had checks printed up, just for alimony payments, with various pictures of he and his new girlfriend grinning and having a grand time.

This sounds too me like the law firm got a little carried away with self promotion. I’m not getting the sense they did it for the benefit of the client. Nor do I get the sense that the client appreciates this.

Law firm may be getting sued themselves.

I don’t know, posting the check holds the woman up to ridicule for being a vindictive bitch. It probably feels like retribution for the guy, mitigating his emotional distress.

It may make her look bad, but it makes the ex-husband look like a big cry baby, and the lawyer look like an ass.

They’re all acting like bratty children.

Now: does the ex-wife have cause of action against the law firm for:

You got it - Emotional Distress!


If there is a just god: please have her counter-sue.