So, SDMBers mostly identify as ----?

When the news came out about Indian people drugging & burying their kids for up to a minute for religious reasons, I kept trying to tell everyone I was white. It didn’t work. :smack:
Seriously, I’m Indian…born in India. Emigrated at age 4, live in NY these days.

I’m about as American as one gets. Which is to say born and raised here, and am a mutt of European ancestry. All I know is that I am 25% English (mother’s father was the first one born in the US) and there must be some french in there…beyond that, I have no idea.

Swedish. As far as I know, my mother’s bloodline goes back to the Vikings, but it’s hard to know for sure. I used to think that my father’s bloodline came here from France in the 18th century and that my surname is a Swedish translation of the French name, but recently I was told that my great great grandfather took the surname. No clue what his name was before that, and no clue why I’ve heard the other story all my life.

White American with an ethnic background of English, German, Welsh, and French. I usually just say I’m American and not worry about the background as I’ve visited my forebears gravesites in Pennsylvania with dates back to the 1840’s.

White Australian. My family has been here for long enough to forget where they emigrated from. A hefty amount of research later, I find we’re pretty much the standard mix of English-Irish-Scottish but somehow a German snuck in there along the way.

I was born in Canada to terminally white people whose ancestors were all from England, Scotland and Wales, all of them also terminally white. I have the most common surname among English people. I’m a white Canadian living in America.

I also hate the word “race”, and when prompted to enter something on a form next to it, I always write “yes.”

You’d have to ba an albino to get any whiter than I am. Of Irish, English, Scottish, German, French and Ukrainian background…waaay back, because my antecedents have been mucking about on this continent since the early 1600s. Yep…I’m to blame for just about everything wrong with the country today!


White female American here.

When asked by another American I identify myself as Italian, since that question usually means “What’s your heritage?” I’m third generation American on my mom’s side. Gramma’s family was Sicilian and Pap’s was Calabrese. I identify more strongly with the Italians because I was raised by that side of the family.

My dad was adopted when he was 10 so he remembers a little about his family. He thinks they were Irish, so score half a point more for Eire! His adoptive family counts Patrick Henry among their ancestors, so I can join the DAR if I feel so inclined.

White Anglo-Saxon English middle class chap.

Actually I’m half Welsh (hence some Celtic genes and the Small part of the moniker). But since I mostly grew up in London claiming Welsh heritage would seem a bit fraudulent, height notwithstanding :frowning:

I am American and a Lovely Shade of Brown[sup]TM[/sup] or black to everyone else. I think there are a dozen or so black Americans on this board. I’m not sure about black Dopers from or living in other countries, though.

I’m a white Jewish American of Eastern European origin. Many people mistake me for Irish because of my coloring, but then, there are a lot of people in Russia who look a lot like me.


I’m a half french/half german hybrid. Mom’s side is quebecois and has been since the 1600s. Dad’s parents immigrated to Canada after WWII. Both my parents have slight accents.

Actually, the Pennsylvania Dutch came mostly from what are now Rheinland-Pfalz, Baden-Württemberg, Alsace and Switzerland. Their dialect bares no resemblance at all to Plattdeutsch.

The Pennsylvania Dutch dialect is a mixture of several upper-German dialects spoken in the south-southwest of Germany, while Plattdeutsch is spoken in Niedersachsen and Schleswig-Holstein. Pennsylvania Dutch contains many words that can only be understood by someone from Southern Germany like:

“a bissel” (a litlle bit)
“bendel” (string)
“dobbisch” or “dabbisch” (clumsy)

A speaker of Plattdeutsch won’t know these words. My native dialect is Hessian, and when I here Pennsylvania Dutch it sounds like a mixture of Hessisch, Pfälzisch and Schwäbisch.

By the way, the same words as above in Plattdeutsch would be:

“en beten” (a little bit)
“foden” (string)
“unnusselig” (clumsy)

and in Dutch:

“een beetje” (a little bit)
“koord” (string)
“onneuzel” (clumsy)

So, you can see from just that small sample that Plattdeutsch is in fact similiar to Dutch, but they are both a long way from Pennsylvania Dutch.

I forgot to answer the OP:

I’m 100% German. 3/4 of my grandparents are from Southern Germany (Swabia to be specific) and 1/4 from Thüringen.

My native languages are Hessisch and English (grew up in the States), but I am also fluent in Hochdeutsch, Schwäbisch, Nederlands, and Portuguese. I don’t understand a word of Oberbayrisch though. :smiley:

Anglo. White-bread English descent. Not just British, but English–and I do know the difference. My ancestry is so boring it’s interesting. :slight_smile:

Chinese/Eastern European (Ashkenazi) Canadian. (Speaking of, Mycroft Holmes, my ex-bf’s father, a speaker of Pennsylvania Dutch, attended an Orthodox Jewish wedding and could understand the hosts’ Yiddish. They were hoping to talk about him without his knowing. :))

Another white bread import male here. I’m at least the 4th generation on both sides of my family born in the US.

3/4 Irish, 1/4 French Canadian… though I did just recently polute the gene pool a bit more by having a daughter with a 4/4 French Canadian wife. She’s 5/8 FC, and 3/8 Irish (If I’ve done my math right), but with a good Irish name anyway! (Murphy).

I’m pretty much your standard irish american looking guy, average height, dark hair, blue eyes, a bit overweight, a capable drinker, a talker, with just enough temper and ingenuity built in. And I can cook, but I’m lousy at cleaning. I’ve also rebelled against Irish Catholic voting blocks, as I’m pretty far out to the right, but compared to Mrs. Butler, I look like a liberal. (not op question, but… :slight_smile: )

Northern English (most of my family were born in and around Liverpool, with some from Yorkshire. I was born in Blackburn)

White American. Half of Irish descent, half Ashkenazi (Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania).

Jealousy… inferiority complex… effectively running the UK government… David Hume…