So Tell Me Somethin' (Paul Revere And The Raiders ?):

How many Raiders has he gone through, how many died, how many were fired?

I know the story about him and Lindsay, BTW, but you may include him as well.

No prizes, just admiration from me (but then you all have that anyway!:))

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I had those in vinyl in the early 80’s (ALL of them).

Loved Arnie Woo Woo Ginsberg!



I assume you’ll respect us more if we answer without consulting reference materials.

Off the top of my head, I believe Fang and Smitty have died, though I’m not 100 percent sure of this.

To me, there’s only two lineups that matter…the original guys (Lindsay, Phil Volk, Fang, Smitty and Revere) and the latter-60s lineup with Freddy Weller.

After that, it’s generally just Revere and a bunch of young nobodies, right?
These guys made some great records in their prime that are under appreciated today. Although there’s always the question of whether they or studio musicians played on many of them. Gotta be them on “Just Like Me,” anyway…a great song I never tire of playing.

Around 1983, I saw them play in one of the lounges in a casino in Lake Tahoe. Paul Revere was the only original left. He had an Edsel grill on the front of his keyboard and I swear it was one of the funniest and best live shows I have ever seen.

He had a bunch of younger guys playing with him and I swear I had tears running down my face I was laughing so hard at their act.

He wrote great songs and had a great sense of humor!

Paul Revere has fired less Raiders than Al Davis.

Drummer Joe Carrero (humorously introduced in the song Time After Time) had a respectable career outside of The Raiders. He did session work with Steve Cropper and Duck Dun, Nilsson, T-Bone Burnett, Joe Cocker, Leon Russel, and Mike Nesmith, just to name a few.

Mark Lindsay is still performing–he’s part of the “Happy Together 25th Anniversary” Tour this summer. He has a website where you can buy autographed copies of Raiders CDs. (I got one of Alias Pink Puzz).

According to Wikipedia, it’s Smitty and Drake Levin who’ve died, not Fang. Wiki also lists a total of 27 members, dating back to 1958. I would be shocked if there weren’t many more, but as DChord said, there are only two lineups that count.

Paul Revere was/is a master promoter more than anything else. Some of his stunts when the band was a struggling Pacific Northwest bar band are the stuff of legend. And from the group’s earliest days, he always made sure that if the group covered someone else’s song as a single, they’d put their own composition on the B-side, so there’d be at least some songwriting royalties coming in.

And then there’s the whole *Louie Louie *thing.

Paul who and the whats?! I was in a band in San Diego and we bought a small Peavy PA system that had belong to them. We discovered their name stenciled on the bottom of all the equipment, but didn’t think a thing of it until some old guy pointed it out to us.

Thanks for that. :frowning: (As an “old guy”) PR&TR made some great music - Greatest Hits.

And, of course, so did Freddy Weller, who charted 19 songs on the Billboard Country Top 40, including six Top 10’s.

I once went to a yard sale that was apparently one of the later Raiders. They were selling all sorts of tour jackets, programs, and other Raider stuff. The stuff was WAY too high priced. Yard sale as a venue?

There’s a list of the members. Who knows if it’s comprehensive?

Another PR alumnus, Keith Allison, sat in occasionally with Waddy Wachtel’s Band at their Monday night gig at The Joint in LA.

Keith and the WW Band playing Just Like Me