Alice Cooper, Arthur Brown, King Diamond...

Dig: My band has a gig Halloween. I wanna make everybody dress up as a different schock-horror rock n’ roller… but there are five members (shut up, you pervert)… hence, I ask for your advice. Who else, besides the three metioned above?

I’ve already nixed Ozzy…

But I hadn’t thought of Meatloaf yet… hmmmmm…

It’s either this, or we dress up like AC/DC, tho I’m too skinny to be Bon Scott.


nah, KISS would be WAY too easy… plus. there are only four kiss members… I’m striving for thematic unity, here.

Please please please nobody suggest Maralyn Manson.

Glen Danzig???

Screamin Jay Hawkins (RIP)???

Okay then, Keith Richards.

WHAAAT? He’s scary!

If you want to be truly horrifying, go as the Backstreet Boys. :eek:

Unless you want me to either get obscure on your ass (Crimson Glory, anyone?) or vaguely obscene (GWAR, and you couldn’t pull that off), you pretty much nailed or nixed the best ones above…

Yer pal,
Satan - Commissioner, The Teeming Minions

Five months, three weeks, four days, 22 hours, 18 minutes and 57 seconds.
7157 cigarettes not smoked, saving $894.65.
Extra life with Drain Bead: 3 weeks, 3 days, 20 hours, 25 minutes.

*“I’m a big Genesis fan.”-David B. (Amen, brother!) **

Paul Revere and the Raiders
Flock of Seagulls

Screaming Jay Hawkins is indeed dead.

Heh. We originally were gonna be the Animals, but then I realized that I’d have to walk on my knees with Beetle boots rubber-banded to em, a la Yogurt in Spaceballs, as I’m six foot one and Eric Burdon is like two foot sumpin. I’ve got the right ears for it, though.


Holy Shit. I’m gonna be Midnight!!! Nobody in my town would get THAT one… plebians… sheesh…

damn… just noticed this:

DELETE: schock
INSERT: schlock

Well, I have the first album - the independently released one - on vinyl! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yer pal,
Satan - Commissioner, The Teeming Minions

Five months, three weeks, five days, 2 hours, 50 minutes and 38 seconds.
7164 cigarettes not smoked, saving $895.59.
Extra time with Drain Bead: 3 weeks, 3 days, 21 hours, 0 minutes.

*“I’m a big Genesis fan.”-David B. (Amen, brother!)

How many people in the audience do you really think are going to give you lip about the height differential? Is Eric Burdon going to actually be there?

The Replacements
? and the Mysterions
Bay City Rollers
OR…Paul Revere and the Raiders suits, Kiss makeup, and Flock of Seagulls hair!

How about Beef from Phantom of the Paradise?

Or Dr. Frank N Furter from Rocky Horror?

Hanoi Rocks

The New York Dolls? Ziggy Stardust?

how the hell can you get any thinner than Scott? most of the pics I’ve seen he’s thin as hell. I haven’t seen Dee Snider of Twisted Sister said yet. they had 5 members too. Or you could dress up as the Impotant Sea Snakes, a local band that dresses in Panties, Bras and nylons. god it makes me shiver 3 years later.

Jimi Hendrix?

Adam Ant?

ZZ Top?

Alice Cooper, Arthur Brown, King Diamond…

(I don’t know my Brit stuff well enough to day this, but…) for a really obscure fourth, would Screaming Lord Sutch work? Beyond that, I don’t know. Maybe Malcolm McDowell? Going more recent, Gibby Haynes and some Surfers visuals?