So this is Arnold's bold plan


To recap, the govenor-elect want the US to bail out California. Perhaps diverting some AIDS money from Africa, or something like that.

My Own Impression: Basically a Democratic plan with a Republican twist.


governor and wants.

Give him credit, it has a good chance of working. Bush would be petty enough to withhold aid to California until we have a Republican governor instead of a Democratic one.

Maybe they’ll give him a cushy job with Halliburton on the side, too.:wink:

Well, since Cal has paid more into the fed system for 15 years than it has gotten back, its nice to see a gov ask for some of it back. Lets wait and see what the amount is, but I have no problems with us getting the lions share when we create the lions share. Its only a bailout if the amount is more than we contributed. Otherwise, its our due.

And, of course, Bush is the only person who handles appropriations for the Federal Gov… what’s that you say? Congress handles appropriations? Thought so.

Thank you for another enlightening post, rjung. I am so glad that Arnie’s your governor, BTW. It’s just another itch for you to scratch at until it drives you crazy.

Damn that Democratic Congress, what a frustrating roadblock they are.

There is good reason to think a federal government bailout by Bush during the energy crisis could have turned the tide and broke the part of the “crisis” that was manufactured by energy companies to play the state for some juicy bucks. But doing so would have cost lots of Bush buddies billions in profits. But now there’s a potential major re-election campaign fundraiser to woo!

From the Guardian (cite)

The state has no right to the money that its citizens pay in Federal Taxes(please correct me if I’m wrong). Sure, it would be nice if it all evened out, but just like school financing, it never does. Really, how could this work? Apply extra taxes to the citizens of the states that get more than they receive?

I certainly agree that some well placed money and maybe federal arm-twisting could have alleviated the power problems California had, but that sort of activist goverment action runs counter to general Republican beliefs, right? Deregulation and all that.

The Federal goverment cannot afford to give California $9-20 Billion. It would have to add it to our already burgeoning debt. And if it gave the money, what about the other 49 states, where’s their money? How can a representative of either party vote to aid a state when his or her own state is struggling?

I see in the Guardian article above that Mr. Schwarzenegger has stated that cutting Pete Wilson’s car tax would be problematic, so I should take back that “Republican Twist” bit.

It certainly is encouraging to me that the the Governor-Elect is brainstorming and exploring all avenues, apparently without the need to cowtow to either party, so I give him a better than average chance to succeed just on that.

If the gov gives California money then isn’t it obligated to give the other states the money they need to balance their budget? I think their are more than 40 other states that need the dough.

The Feds owe California money. Boo-hoo. Tell that to us in New York City, where we’ve long had Republican governors and mayors. Arnie doesn’t have a chance in hell of getting that money.

Yep. When the Davis administration went to the White House and complained about the energy companies diddling with supply and prices, Bush and Cheney told us all to take a flying leap (including Cheney’s bullstuff quote that “There is not an energy crisis, you just use too much electricity”). Of course, it eventually turned out that Enron et al were diddling with the electricity supply, but by then the damage was done.

The Bush Administration’s pettiness in that incident convinces me that they would be petty enough to wait for a Republican governor before charging in with a rescue. If Bush delivers a big California bailout now, he looks like a hero, Schwarzenegger looks good out of the gate, and Airman Doors will misattribute the whole thing to George’s generousity and genius. :rolleyes:


Whatever you say, dude.

Actually, Here is Arnold’s Bold Plan.

There’s a lot of very thoughtful stuff in there. Some very good ideas, perhaps some not-so-good. But no one can call it simplistic.

For example, here’s just the bulleted section of his energy plan: