So TSA Really Is An Acronym For ...

TSA officially is an acronym for Transportation Security Administration.

Their “customer service” approach to potential flyers is more akin to Tough Shit, Asshole. But the continuing revelations of the new security procedures, including invasive pat down searches makes it a whole new ballgame.

TSA - Touching, Soothing Anus-wipers
Got any others to share?

Tit, Sin, Asses… or no passes.

I’ve seen references to “Theft & Sexual Assault.”

Given Ms. Napolitano’s current delegation to a subordinate to demonstrate the infernal device, (what does she know that we don’t? :wink: ) I’d suggest -

Then She Abstains.

Trained Sadism Apportioners. Spread the misery!

Tough Shit, America.

The Shithole Aches.

Thousands Standing Around

Protecting Americans from Toothpaste, Sodapop, Aftershave

Tyrannical Security Apparatus

Twiddling Sexual Apparatus


Too Stupid for Arby’s

My roommate: “Totally Suspicious A-holes”

Tax Squandering Automatons.

Touching Sensitive Areas

Theater of Security Administration…

Because all these scanners, pat downs, and xrays pale in comparison to the security of fellow passengers who are paying attention for suspicious looking activity. The TSA just provides the illusion of security - it’s all theatrics.

And given what I heard happened in Germany recently:

Teutonics Strip Anon.

Transport Sturm Abteilung.

This suck ass.