anyone else watching men's synchronized diving?

I am watching for purely athletic interests, of course.

I am. Was wondering why they show so much of it. I guess it’s all the men in tiny, tiny pants.

Oh, I’m sure it’s the artistry and athleticism of the dive, the majesty of the leap and the…

Aw, hell. It’s the dudes in tiny pants.

Very tiny.

Congrats to the very tiny pants winning the Bronze.

They all head to the little pool afterwards. I wonder if they do that for any athletic reason, or because they need to stay damp at this point, like a walrus, because they’ve spent so much time in the water.

I thought it was a maintaining temperature thing. But keep in mind that I don’t know anything.

They might as well start sponsoring synchronized basketball and synchronized soccer and synchronized table tennis if they’re going to be making up “sports” like this.

So in the competition for Most Homo-erotic Olympic Sport, does this one take the gold?

I thought that was wrestling?

I don’t know, two ripped dudes spending hours upon hours performing repeated strenuous, yet graceful and delicate, physical activities together, while practically naked and in a pool seems pretty homo-erotic to me.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course.

I keep getting Tumblr posts about men’s Turkish oil wrestling, which is exactly what it says on the tin. :smiley:

It looks kinda like it was a hot tub of sorts. It took me awhile to figure out why they apparently kept leaning up against the wall (it’s a shower in case anyone is wondering). Such beautiful athletic men of so many different colours & ethnicities. I just wish India or Pakistan sent divers. And I can watch in the breakroom at work without anyone batting an eye (most my female crowokers seemed really into the games that day.

I wish the wrestlers wore speedos instead of singlets. If they were truly in the spirit of the Olympics I’d make it to London in person even if a had across the ocean in a swimming canoe.

You need to watch more womens Beach Volleyball :wink:

glistening like wet otters,” according to Boris Johnston (mayor of London).


I did. I walked in a room while others were watching it on a computer, and figured I had some time to kill. I pretended to judge the dives, and was usually pretty close to the final results, actually. Though I think the Ukrainians usually deserved a bit more.

After having watched it though, I really… don’t get why it’s in the Olympics. I also thought there would be more crazy twisty-turny dives.

Off to the Game Room.