So we have a 20 year old bottle of Irish Creme

My grandfather gave me a whole box full of alcohol. They’re not very good and, you know, Irish creme isn’t known for becoming more refined with age. But we cracked open the bottle tonight.

And tried to pour some out into a jigger for measurement.

And I couldn’t get a full jigger’s worth.

It. Is. Solid. I had no idea alcohol could even do that.

Is there any demand for Irish Creme Cheese? We’re considering cracking this thing open and trying to eat some. We’ll definitely videotape it and we’re considering informing the hospitals ahead of time of our arrival.

I think that I read here on SDMB that Irish Creme has some of the shortest shelf life of any type of alcoholic beverage, which makes sense when you consider its ingredients.

What other bottles did Grandpa slide your way?

I would. It’s not likely to kill you. There’s a chance it wont hurt, and you get a free bottle of Irish cream. Besides, the video would be interesting. I think most likely you have a harmless solid. It might not be an appetizing solid.

One of these days I plan to get a case of Billy beer and drink it just for the video. Heck, I’d like to just see a can of that opened on youtube.

My mom lived next door to one of the last door-to-door milkmen in…the world, I guess, and when he died his wife trucked over a big box of liquor he’d accumulated over the years as Xmas tips. There were unopened 30-year-old bottles of Canadian whiskey and other stuff.

I drank some gin from one of the bottles and it tasted pretty wild. Not good wild. A couple of upset stomachs later I pitched it. But another bottle was Christian Brothers Brandy, and it was pretty good. In fact, I just emptied the bottle to “marinate” a fruitcake I baked.

My first ever video to YouTube. The video is really really jerky and I have no idea why. But enjoy.

I’ll answer questions you guys have had in this thread…but first I’m going back to drinking.

Typo Knig’s grandfather was a doctor. And for some reason, people gave him bottles of liquor for gifts. I gather he wasn’t much of a drinker, so the bottles stayed around. After he passed on, and his wife moved into an apartment, my in-laws inherited the collection.

In the early 90s, when they were getting set to downsize, they started going through and getting rid of (discarding) the old liquor.

One of the bottles had strands of some sort of moss growing in it. I don’t remember whether it was the old bottle of aquavit, or the bottle of Palestinian brandy (that bottle was pre-1948 so at least 40-some years old at the time).

You know, my mother-in-law had a bottle of flavoured Irish Cream that was like that too. I always wondered what exactly it would look like if we could extract it. I had assumed it would be more solid and cheese-like.

Now I know. It turns into jelly.

I wouldn’t in a million years be tempted to slice off a hunk and sample it though.

Looks like it might still not kill you to consume it:

I’ve had some open Irish Cream for about 5 years now. I should just throw it out!

typical of our household… open bag on floor, turn around, turn back, remove cat from bag :smiley:

The phrase “Palestinian brandy” sounds so utterly bizarre to me. It’s because Arabic countries, for religious reasons, don’t drink liquor, and there are no well-known national spirits from these places for that reason. Obviously there are Christians among the peoples now referred to as Palestinians so I’m assuming the brandy is from them and not Muslims.

Me and the wife actually had a bottle of that last night. It was delicious (bought that day, still liquid!)

That was fun. Thanks for posting it.

You missed the phrase “pre-1948”. In this case “Palestinian” refers to the the British Mandate of Palestine. That bottle of brandy was over 20 years old when my parents inherited it, and well over 40 years old when my parents threw it out. I guess the brandy was made by either Christians or Jews. But who knows?

Assuming the Irish Creme jelly hasn’t been all eaten, I’m just wondering whether it’s flammable?

The highlighted portion is a bit of a sweeping generalisation. Arak has been distilled throughout the middle east for centuries - allegedly only within the Christian and Jewish communities, though I have my doubts. Further, there are Arabic Muslims who don’t really care about the alcohol prohibition within Islam, and then there are ones who profess to care, but are hypocrites (see all the Saudis who drive to Bahrain to get pissed and shag prostitutes). There is Lebanese wine and a very nice refreshing lager that a restaurant near me serves, and there is some very good Palestinian wine, though that has become hard to get hold of recently due to the blockades.

Umm, you ate that stuff out of a broken bottle? There’s likely to be tiny shards of glass in there!

Ah that’s not too much of a concern.

We paid our friend $2 to eat it. We didn’t eat it ourselves!

Irish Creme isn’t flammable, so I’d imagine its “cheese” isn’t either.

Some people like to make it congeal on purpose. There is a shot called a “Cement Mixer”, which I thought was Bailey’s and orange juice, but a quick google tells me is Bailey’s and lime juice. Whatever–they both sound disgusting. Apparently, you hold the Bailey’s in your mouth and then pour in the citrus juice and feel the magic happen right there with no 20-year wait. Ick.

I seem to recall reading on here that the Islamic prohibition was on *being drunk *rather than on drinking alcohol. You could argue that the odd bottle of lagar or glass of wine is in keeping with this.