So we were watching Romeo and Juliet...

… the other night, the newer one with Leo and I was once again enthralled with the guns in that movie.

What I was wondering is if it’s possible to trick them out in that fashion, if it’s legal, and what(other than weight) would be the detractions from doing that.


What does “trick them out” mean? Do you mean the fancy engravings and stuff? If so, there’s nothing illegal about that. The only downside would be that it might make it difficult to hold and/or aim.

You’ve got a bit of a conundrum here.

Guys that own and modify handguns have never seen a Leonardo DiCaprio movie, believe me.

Well, maybe they caught a bit of it when their wife rented the video…

Ok, all you Shootists-- Prove me wrong.

I’m talking about the various chromings, and dangly bits, and what looks like slabs of marble on the clips with family crests painted or engraved on the bottom, and any other number of things…

It used to be quite common, particularly in the former Spanish Colonies. Aristocrats would have nearly everything they owned covered with elaborate silver decorations. Poorer people would have stuff nickel-plated. Some of the finest silverwork I have ever seen was on Mexican and Peruvian firearms. Most of them were flintlocks and revolvers. I don’t know how common it is today.

What about “The Quick and the Dead”? :slight_smile:


I own:

a Ruger .22 target pistol
a Ruger GP-141 .357 Magnum
a Ruger #1 rifle in 7 mm
a Ruger P-89DC .45 auto
a Ruger P-90DC 9mm auto
a Mossberg pump-action shotgun in 12 gauge
a piece-of-crap Takarov auto pistol in .32

I have seen:

Gilbert Grape
Quick and the Dead
The Basketball Diaries
Romeo & Juliet

And not a one of those with my wife.

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Tristan, it wouldn’t be a big deal at all. IIRC the handguns in that movies were mostly 45’s and 9 mils. The only thing that would change is the weighting, which really isn’t that specific. Adding some thin strips of marble (or whatever that was) or removing the outer jacket (like on Mercutio’s gun) would hardly change the weight more than the weight of a few bullets, and that weight is always changing, depending on how many rounds you have left in the clip. The dangly things would only serve to catch you up and you were drawing your “Sword 9mm”, though. That might not be a good idea. FWIW, I absolutely loved the “tricked out” weapons in that movie. I’d like to get something similar too.