So we're all going to die...

All the scientists agree. Exactly one year from now, a meteor the size of the moon will smash into the Earth at a tremendous speed, hopelessly blowing it to smithereens and certainly ending all life on the planet. They also agree that our level of technology is not sufficient enough to destroy this meteor or lead it off its path. Collision is imminent.

How does the world react? What do you do personally? How about if we were given more or less time than that?

I believe that during the blitz, Londoners, not knowing whether they’d be alive or dead the next morning, were a particularly horny bunch.

Fair enough, I say.

Hold up a sign… “Help me, I can’t die a virgin!” in the final days.

World - A lot of people will blow off a lot of steam.

Me - I have a whole pile of credit burning a whole in my pocket. I live it up for a year dying with the debt of a small to medium sized country. The second and more important thing is that I find this particular girl whom I’m hopeless in love with and tell her exactly that.

It’s actually buring a hole in my pocket in case anyone was confused.

Hope that my closest friend is actually from a small planet near Betelgeuse.

I imagine I would spend a very listless year. I might even go hermit up in the nearby mountains. Sleep a whole lot in the cool mountain air. And when awake spend a lot of time thinking. I probably wouldn’t bathe too much either. Although if I found some lass to spend the time with it might go differently. But I doubt the energy would be there. I’d be a defeated man.

I imagine a lot of banks would go bust as people suddenly refuse to make payments on their loans. Intrest rates would go through the roof. Crime would certainly increase. All in all lots of nasty things as lots of people think to themselves “What does it really matter?” I’ll just be real glad I live in some quite corner of the globe.
Related movie.

There really isnt much to relate it to in our current lives to begin to answer. People have been told of their eminent death, but thats different from the shared experience of mutual extinction. No more humanity. I think a lot of really old grudges would dissapear in the face of such a shared experience deep with emotion. Maybe see average run of the mill Isrealis shaking hands with average run of the mill Palestinians or some such. Definetly you and the SO you were off and on with your whole life would hold each other and forget the petty differences. The good times of life would rise to the surface and the negative ones fade away. The whole thing would undergo an amazing social experience, maybe not as depressing as youd think.

“We did it. We beat cancer.” - patty bouvier


Or maybe they’d take the opportunity to try as hard as they could to get in those last few shots to get them in good with the parties of the hearafter.

But like you said, there really isn’t nothing that can relate so who really knows.

I wonder what it would do to the suicide rate? All those people who would rather go out in a manner of their own choosing then be burned to bits. Although I think I’d rather see the Earth get smacked apart. It’d be one heck of a show.

Society would completely break down. Mayhem and violence would reign. And it would be really hard to get around.

Really, who wants to drive a cab or work in a gas station when the end is near?

Probably build a website about it. :slight_smile:

It’s only a theory.

I imagine some religious groups would use it as an excuse to throw all pretense of cooperation and civility to the winds and start “crusades” to impress their gods/goddesses.
As for me? I would make a point to see everyone I ever wanted to see, just to talk with them and buy them dinner. Of course, I’d put it on my credit card! :slight_smile:

I’d watch all my favorite movies, listen to all my favorite music, eat as much and whatever I want. I’d travel, if possible.

I’d hope like hell that it’s delayed enough so that I might see The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King in the theater. Maybe Jackson and Co. would release it a bit early.

Has it not occurred to anyone that we could all spend a year working out how the hell we’re going to rid ourselves of that damned meteorite?

ElwoodCuse the best way to start is by buying me a drink or nine.

I’d catch a ride and leave the froods to play their cricket, baby.

There was a movie, Canadian, I b’lieve, a couple years back touching on this very subject. Interesting. I’m drawing a complete blank here on the title, or in fact, on just how the world ended. (IIRC, they never actually said what it was, just that the exact time it would happen was known)

Anyone got a clue? I’m thinking it was Last Day, but the IMDB isn’t finding me the flick I’m thinking of. (And I may just have that phrase stuck in my head from catching part of Logan’s Run on cable a couple weeks back.)

Can’t recall any recognizable names/faces in the cast, the year it was released, or anyone involved with the project.

[sub]I feel a bit like the customers that used to annoy me back in my tape jockey days.[/sub]

The film was Last Night


Must’ve given up too early on the list <Search:Titles=last> gave me. Thanks, much.