So we've got this random-post-paster on another forum...

This is pretty mundane, and no doubt pointless.

There’s a scrapbooking website called Two Peas in a Bucket where I have been posting on the forums for years. At Two Peas we have a phenomenon called cherryeye. We don’t know if cherryeye is male or female (we tend to think female, since it’s a scrapbooking site), but she appeared over a year ago, and what she does is reply to threads with random posts copied from other threads. So you’re reading along on a thread about somebody’s annoying neighbor, or whatever, and suddenly there’s a post about potty training. Often she posts recipes. (Actually she does often find posts that are sort of tangentially related, which increases the confusion and baffles the newbies.) Some people think it’s funny, some have her on ignore. (I tend to lean towards the “it’s funny” side, but I’m easily amused.) Sometimes cherryeye will start a thread, and then everybody else responds with random posts.

The reason I bring this up here is that I have seen cherryeye post threads with the OP copied from the Dope. These are so cleverly disguised as actual posts that many people don’t notice it’s cherryeye and respond to the OP. When she copied panache45’s Which U.S. state is the most forgettable? post, it went to four pages (as did the original thread–I guess it’s a four-page topic).

Just recently we’ve had:

Do You Talk to Your Dog?

Describe it in three words

Ask a Starbucks barista anything. (in which I believe she answered questions with posts from the original thread, often in opposition to the questions actually being asked).

and, just today: “lather, rinse, REPEAT…”–who does this?

(After recognizing a few threads, I came here and found that last one, so I responded to cherryeye with bouv’s post from the original thread.)

I know this kind of behavior would never be tolerated here (I remember how long “the grapist” lasted), but the Two Peas boards aren’t moderated like these (a fact which we sometimes regret).

So, my question–is this some known form of method-trolling? Is there a name for it? It seems like an awful lot of time and energy to spend pasting random posts on a scrapbook site.

And since cherryeye apparently hangs out at MPSIMS–hi!

Yay! Your wish is granted! I was kidding, but your post has piqued my curiosity. Are there people who order extra whip and then say no whip? That seems ridiculous. Or did you mean people who specify lo-cal flavors and cremes and then get whipped topping?


Isn’t it against the rules of the SDMB to take someone’s post without crediting it to the source?

I’ve used topics from the boards on other forums, but I always link back to the source and use my own words.

Yes, it is a violation of copyright for anyone other than the SDMB or the posters themselves to repost a post somewhere else. If you alert the administration here, they may be able to do something.

Sometimes, on a day almost, but not quite like today, I get a powerful notion to run outside, and do cartwheels in the snow. I’ll sit still until the notion passes. Good thing, too; I don’t know how to do a cartwheel. I don’t think it would come to any good.

Are you sure cherryeye isn’t a script written by some kid that harvests posts and reposts them?

cherry eye is a condition seen in dogs where the gland in the 3rd eyelid (nictitating membrane) prolapses. Basically it pops out so it looks like they have a little red blob in the corner of their eye.
and the timing of this OP is weird because we saw a puppy with this problem today.

A coupla things about the thread:

1.) Thanks, Helena, for letting us know that a few of our posts are being printed elsewhere without permission. I’ll shoot this on up to let The Powers That Be deal with it as they see fit.

2.) We typically prefer that problems at one board not be dragged over here. While we don’t prohibit links to other boards, we’re a bit wary of you calling out, here, cherryeye from over there. Because of that, I’m going to close this thread.

But, again, thanks for letting us know about the copyright violations.