so what are you gonna do about what sucks in life???

fuck… it was raining for a long while until a few days ago… other than that… what have we got to offer to the world? I’ve been playing around with some stuff… and got some business ideas… but doesn’t everybody… it’s like well this sucks… well how can you improve it? I’ll be working on the business idea thing in the upcoming while… taking the old bits and making it so 1 idea per page… and finding google images to help illustrate what I’m talking about… fuck copyright… I just want to get the idea out there so somebody makes something better so I don’t gotta deal with what sucks. lol… until then there’s just the images I’ve been playing around with…


If I were you, I would ask a moderator to put this post in Mundane, Pointless Information I Must Share.

General Questions is a forum for asking questions for which there are definite answers, not for whoring your website.

About a million little red Xs. Wonderful work. The world needs more non-visible images.

Maybe it’s just me. :dubious:

Move it(from GQ).

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I’m confused. So are these images you made, as the page says, or images you bummed from a Google search? Is this related to your business idea?

I have no idea what’s going on.

Well, first I’m going to study up on these things called sentences. Then I will learn about how to apply them to my stream-of-consciousness inner dialogue, so that it can be organized into coherent thoughts, which can then be expressed comprehensibly to others, say, on a public message board.

But that’s just me…

Why rock the boat?

Well, I expect I will do what I always do about anything less than lovely in my life. I will ignore the weather, which really has nothing to do with me…and about which I cannot do anything to change. I will go to my job and do the best I can to fulfil my responsibilities there, since after all my employer is paying me to do what I am getting paid to do. I will take care of my ageing father, making sure that he is physically safe and healthy and that he knows he is safe and loved. I will take care of my responsibilties toward the various charities I have committed myself to.

This particular weekend, I am putting my niece’s shower together. She’s getting married July 2nd and I am giving her a family shower Wednesday June 28th. I’m also making luminary bags for the Relay For Life (and American Cancer Society fund raiser) because I lost my mother and my brother a year apart several years ago to pancreatic cancer and my family has a team in the local Relay For Life. The Relay is July 8-9th. I love my niece very much, and I have made enough BBQ pork for her reception. The “chinese kind”, not the southern kind. So, NEXT weekend on Saturday AM, I will spend three hours cutting up BBQ pork for the wedding reception. A labor of love, for sure…but I had carpal tunnel surgery last year and recently cut up a quarter of that amount for a memorial reception and trashed my hand. I don’t want to trash my hand again, but what can a person do? You have to “DO” for the people you love. Because you love them and you WANT to “DO” for them.

I have a beloved friend who is dying from a brain tumor. I usually take him for lunch on Fridays, but yesterday he told me he can’t go out to lunch anymore because he has “started dribbling” when he eats. It breaks my heart. But we can still have lunch, because I will make it for him and take it there. I don’t care if he dribbles. I love him. I am about to lose him. He will not pass on without knowing that he is loved.
You know, I seriously hope you give some thought to your priorities in life. I know they may not be the same as mine…no reason that they should be. And the truth is, I’m no one special. I’m just one of a million others who do what they have to do because they have people in their lives that they love. Someone that finds it necessary to do what they have to do in order to make sure that those people KNOW they are loved and will be cared for…because they are loved.

I know that no one’s life is like anyone elses life. But I hope that at least you’ll give your priorities some thought.

I change the channel.

Walk it off.

Elephant in a suit: I AM NOT AN ELEPHANT! I’M A HUMAN BEING!
Uncle Ted: Walk it off.

That’s some gooooood advice.

Okay then. I’ll draw inspiration from images #19 and #20. Let’s see…a boiling egg and a soap bubble…I know! I’ll boil an egg and then wash dishes! Of course, I’ve been doing that a couple times a week for several years, which is probably why whatever your “this” is doesn’t suck more than it does now. You don’t have to thank me, though --* my * new business idea is to collect finder’s fees for copyright infringement lawsuits.

Here’s an idea. Next time you decide to go on a bender in front of yer puter, before you get to wasted, start a thread. Keep going back to that thread to post all your great thoughts. Then, we, who no doubt stand to benefit greatly, who come in to read these shitfaced ramblings can see em all in one place. See, it’s the overall picture from all your great thoughts and ideas that we really need to understand. Having them all together in one thread will allow us to read and reread and digest them without having to hunt down, say, the bazillion different threads you’ve started since midnight.

Happy Hangover!

…Okay… back to your meds now…

Afraid you took a wrong turn, friend. You really want to be on LiveJournal, where things like sentence structure, coherent thought and the like aren’t as highly thought-of as they are here.

On the brighter side, some of your images are quite pretty; kudos to you for taking the initiative to download them, and congratulations to the folks who actually created them. :slight_smile:

The dartboard is kinda nice though.

Yeah. I posted to this before I realized rewindforward’s posting history consists pretty much entirely of starting new threads devoted to the proposition that wisdom consists of random synapse misfires; things to be cast quickly out of the mind, lest they fester into a completed thought, and then forgotten. From the reasonable spelling, I forgave the execrable structure as bad art.

Nonetheless, I think that there’s potential for a lot of fun with our new acquaintance. His posts aren’t boring, and they’re elliptical (in the other sense) enough for lots of creativity from others. If he can be persuaded to calm down and quit dropping threads like cigar ashes, I think everything might work out all right.

I for one welcome our new incoherently rambling ellipsical stream-of-consciousness over . . . ah, the hell with it; carry on.

Failing that, he could at least offer us some pie to eat while looking at all the threads. A nice hunk o’ pie makes a lot of things more tolerable IME.

Good idea. When come back, rewindforward, bring pie.

Life sucks? I just crank up the music and keep dancing.