So, what are your sexual fetishes?

In the tradition of, “Auto, you’re really the last person to start such threads,” haha. That doesn’t stop me though!

Ok, so, I was perusing one of my favorite sites Japan Sugoi lately, when it dawned upon me that I really do have a thing for Japanese women. I’m not sure if it’s the exoticism, or the often child-like look, or what, but Japanese cuteys really get my juices flowin’, if you get my drift. In juvenile vernacular, one would call it ‘yellow fever.’

While fetish is not quite the appropriate term, it sounds a lot better than “things that turn you on.” I guess for the purposes of this thread, we can say turn-ons or what have you.

I like hearing from dopers, as y’all are a great bunch of pipples, and I’m interested in learning about what turns YOU on.

So, what gets your monkey bouncing?

Asian girls, Jewish girls, Italian girls, Irish girls, black girls, Indian girls, Native American girls, WASP girls, and women from Eastern Europe.

Your missing out. Pacific Island girls are the best.

My current GF is Chinese/Filipino, born in Ilocos Norte, Philippines. Does that count? Or do you mean Hawaiian girls? They’re hot too. Oh yeah, and girls from all those countries that end with “Stan” that used to be part of Russia or something…them too.

{Bolding mine}


In racist vernacular, you mean?

I don’t know. I’d never heard the term before a young Chinese girl of my aquaintance introduced it to me.

We were both quite juvenile (save for a few… other… topics).

Autolycus, are we talking about who we’re attracted to here, or what sort of things (fantasies, shoes, chickens etc) turn people on? Despite the thread title, even your OP suggests it’s the former rather than the latter :confused:

If it’s the former, guys with dark hair, the darker the better, almost exclusively turn my head. I can count the number of blonds I’ve been attracted to on one hand, and I’ve never been attracted to a fellow redhead (But that’s the fault of people who from childhood on ask questions about every other redhead you both know like “is soandso your brother or sister?” Creates a bit of a psychological block, there.)

Ummm… both.



While it can certainly be offensive, I’d say whether it’s racist or not depends heavily on the context and tone. It might be an interesting thread if you wish to discuss it.

I **love **Jewish boys. Well, any semitic, middle eastern type “look” will do. Dark hair, preferably curly, big nose, body hair (not too much!). I actually think Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is really really hot. Not his politics or anything , but just the way he looks. Yea. What a hottie.

Now everyone thinks I’m weird.

(I have other things, but this is my more normal one. if this is received well I might return)

I wish they call could be California girls, though.

I don’t think you’re weird at all. This is exactly what I was going to post. Curly dark hair, olive skin tone, big nose…oh my, yes. The occasional Irish boy with dark hair appeals, too. I knew an absolutely stunningly beautiful Lebanese gent back in my undergrad days with the most gorgeous green eyes I’ve ever seen on a man. I could have stared at him for hours. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much going for him beyond looks, but oh those looks. Sigh.

Perfectly waxed, pale armpits. They’re like concave pearls.
Stop looking at me like that!

So what you are saying is that you have a thing for Japanese women with ladles.

Wow, kung fu lola thinks I’m hot. Good to know.

For me, it’s brown skin. Dark brown skin. Cholocatey brown skin. Especially in combination with petiteness. Drives me crazy.

You know I’m keeping notes on all the heckling right. For when I’m rich and famous and a super-huge celebrity. You’re gonna come up to me for money, because, you know, you’re a poor drug-addicted hobo or something, then I’ll say “none for you sirrah!” and be off on my haughty stroll through Auto Land. Yep, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

(You are taking every opportunity to jab at me lately though. 1 more jab and you get the 10th free :P)

I like guys with long hair (preferably blond, but black, brown or red will do) and glasses. Extra points if they’re tall and skinny. I think I must have seen some guy on TV who looked like that when I was a kid, and the effects of the resulting crush have lasted to this day.

I even made sure to watch the “Lone Gunmen” episodes of the X -Files just to look at the blond guy. OK, I’m weird.

Redheads, black pantyhose, corsets and girdles

What are my sexual fetishes? What do you got? :smiley: