So What Do You All Think of My "Chain Letter" Idea?

PROBLEM: As I’ve already said, I have a strong desire to do something to help this world. Perhaps this is partly because I had such an exceptional mother. She was intelligent, decent and self-sacrificing–esp. when it came to her family. But what can I do? I am just one person with limited resources. Then a couple of years ago I hit upon it. That…
SCIENTIFIC ANALYSIS: Chain letters, under ideal circumstances, follow a course known as geometric progression. Simply put–it grows exponetially–almost immediately to infinity! Ten people grows to one hundren. Then one thousand. 10, 000… 100, 000… 1, 000, 000…! My chain letter is aptly phrased, because the love grows exponentially.
**LEGALS:**It is illegal to send a chain letter that involves anything of significant monetary value. Cheap things like recipe cards and the like are exempt from this rule. Also, there are issues of free speech that are involved here too.
The main purpose of the law is to stop so-called "pyramid schemes (here you can read about it for yourself, if you want). {BTW, for those who think using emails to send chain letters is wrong and tortious–don’t worry. I rarely or never do that now. The U.S. Postal service is my main MO. In fact, if you go to various “chain-letter” sites on the internet, they’ll give you old-fashioned postal addresses. Who would have known?}
ETHICAL CONCERNS: My chain letter, as you saw, is completely voluntary. BTW, it is completely my own literary creation too. I’ve only got one response to it so far. It was from a columnist in a local newspaper. He seemed to like it. He asked me why I sent it to him and where I got it from. And he ended the email with "Cheers! for some reason (maybe he was the food critic).
SO… So why am I telling you all this? Well, as I said I’ve only got one response so far. Frankly I need more than that if I am to know how and whether to continue on this [unique] venture. What do you think?


I’d treat it the way I treat all chain letters and forwarded e-mail.
Yeah, that’s a flushing sound…

Same here. I’m not a fan of chain letters at all and regard them as spam.

All chain letters, no matter how well-intentioned, deserve to die. Die, I say! All they have ever done is irk me, and irk everyone I’ve ever known.

A) I am involved in my community
B) If I wasn’t involved in my community, there is no way in hell a chain letter would convince me to become involved
C) When they aren’t wasting paper, chain letters are wasting time.

I firmly believe that if you want to help people, or just be involved, the best way to encourage others to do the same is to set a good example: truly be involved, don’t ask for credit for doing good works, ask your friends to help out at specific events, etc. Sending a chain letter is right out.

If you want to do something to help the world, do everything you can to stop annoying people with chain letters and emails.
Look into volunteer organizations. Smile and wish people a nice day. But, please, please, please don’t even consider sending a chain email!

Agreed. Most of my friends know not to send stuff like this to me, but Mr. S has a few newbie friends that send him chain e-mails: You have been sent this because you are special and loved. Pass it on." Gak. It’s all glurge and gets deleted.

Actions speak louder than (unsolicited) e-mails.

do you HONESTLY think it will get people motivated to help in the community?

I tend to think that the most rewarding volunteer work one does is work taken out of a desire to accomplish something.

A nice thought, but I think that by leading by example is more meaningful than any e-mail.

For example, Jimmy Carter, say what you will about his politics impressses the hell out of me. How many other ex-presidents do anything of merit once in retirement?
I think if you want to make a big dent in this world is to take on causes that involve children. You don’t need a lot of resources to be a big brother or to read at libraries, for example.

I would be more apt to pay attention if someone said “hey, that Jim guy, did you know he volunteers at the soup kitchen?” or if you wrote about your experiences vs. a forwarded e-mail with a billion addresses on it.

my 2 cents is all.

I’d delete it without even finishing reading it. I doubt that it would convince anyone who wasn’t already involved to become so. Sorry :frowning:

I’m pretty neutral on the subject, myself, but I did want to point something out from the OP that people seemed to be missing.

So those of you who said things about chain emails… um, not applicable. If those things still apply to chain letters, more power to ya. Thanks for noting the distinction, that was bugging me. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, but can you remind us exactly what your purpose is in sending this chain letter?

Is it to amuse yourself/give you something to do to take up your free time? Or is it suppose to be a humorous satire of chain letters?

If it’s sincerely supposed to be a way to inspire people to become more involved in community service, I think you’re going about it in the wrong way. As others have pointed out, a letter like this will inspire nobody! It’s not as if this is the first time people have been encouraged to donate their time.

If you really want to make a difference, get involved yourself! You’ll do more good that way, and may inspire a few people through your example.

My feelings regarding chain letters cannot be expressed fully in this forum.

I hate the things. They are a blight.

Chain letter - meet Mr. Incinerator and Mr. Match.

That would get deleted from my inbox without a second thought.

Chain emails, and those “funny” emails that end with “send this to x people within half an hour and …” are an abomination unto the Lord!

Don’t send it.

I detest chain letters, so however good the intention I would delete it. Please don’t ecourage them, they are a boil on the ass of society.