So what do you all think of Trevor Noah adjacent?

Trevor Noah has some sort of medical condition that has prevented him from using his voice for the next few days. So on his show, he has been sitting in silence at the desk, as he coaches various correspondents sitting next to him to speak for him. Doing both his monologue, and his interview.

I have come to the conclusion this is one of two things. It’s either funny or narcissistic.

Not sure which. (I haven’t watched the second episode yet. First one was funny, not sure if I want to sit through another episode of that though.)

Sounds lameass. Does he have some contract obligation that requires him onset?

It’s not unfunny. It’s a fun departure from the norm. But I would be annoyed if it went on for more than a week.

Watched the Tues. show after a long hiatus on TDS.

It’s a step in the right direction. Now get rid of the mute guy and they might have a show.

They still have the incredible problem of having too many pointless, irrelevant, crappy conversationalist guests. Are they deliberately avoiding the quality guests the show used to have?

It’s a nice riff on Siri et al taking over all of our communications. The Thursday interview had some good lines about Trevor using his phone.

Ok, I watched the first episode of it. Cute, can’t hate on it. I’m still not sure it’s good for a whole week.