So what happened to ice milk?

I remember ice milk in the grocery stores about 15 years ago. What happened to it? I thought it was supposed to be the next big thing in ice cream technology!

A couple of problems, as I recall:

  • it wasn’t much better, health-wise, than regular ice cream.
  • it didn’t taste nearly as good.
    So why bother?

Which was pretty much the reaction of buyers (or non-buyers) – it generally didn’t sell well enough for grocery stores to keep stocking it. It’s probably still available, if you look for it. But not in your average supermarket.

Yes, it’s still available, and it’s widely available. The US government allowed a redefinition of what can legally be called “ice cream” and now instead of ice milk you see all kinds of low-fat ice creams. It used to be that “ice cream” had to maintain a certain percentage of milk fats (and maybe other solids); ice milk was allowed to have fewer. Non-dairy frozen desserts didn’t have to have any at all.

To clarify: instead of calling their product “ice milk,” they call it “low-fat ice cream.” You should see plenty of that at your grocer’s.

Yeah but what about Mellorine?


I haven’t been to a Dairy Queen in about five years, but at that time all their frozen products were ice milk.