So what new shows should be good?

Premiere week has arrived, and I have grown impatient with the TV Guide site. Please spoon-feed me information about what new series look to be worth watching. I will check out Hawaii Five-0 mostly because I like Daniel Dae Kim. I heard some positive buzz on Mike & Molly, but I don’t know, it seems like it could easily be your standard laugh-track-y sitcom.

What are you guys adding to the DVR list?

Bianculli – the NPR TV reviewer – says none of the new broadcast shows are worth watching, based on what he’s seen.

I’m gonna try Raising Hope on Fox (premiere Tuesday). It’s from Greg Garcia, who did My Name Is Earl, and it has Garret Dillahunt and Martha Plimpton.

Boardwalk Empire on HBO for sure. And at least a shot for Lone Star on Fox, which has gotten very good buzz.

I can’t wait for The Walking Dead. Zombies + Darabont + AMC… sounds like a winning combination.

Aw man, y’all are bumming me out. We got rid of cable last year, so some of this is out of reach. I saw the trailer for Boardwalk Empire at the gym - no sound, just visuals, and it looked awesome. And it goes without saying that I want to see The Walking Dead. Does AMC do anything like iTunes or Hulu?

There are 8 million ads for The Event right now. Maybe I’ll record a few, see what the forecast looks like, then either watch or delete. Lone Star is not piquing my interest, but there does seem to be a lot of buzz about it. Maybe that deserves a DVR trial as well.

Thanks guys - keep 'em coming!

“Hawaii 5-0”, only because Grace Park was the only reason I watched “BSG”

None of them, probably. “Hawaii 5-0” might last awhile, but the rest sound lame.

I like superpowers, and Michael Chiklis and Julia Benz are good, so I’m hopeful about “No Ordinary Family.” Unfortunately, it airs on Tuesday, the night of the week when I’m almost never home. But I’ll watch it online or something until I can decide if it’s good.

I want The Event to be good, and I’ll give it a try. But… You know how sometimes you watch a movie trailer, and you just know the movie isn’t going to be good? The trailer isn’t bad, and it has decent people in it, and it seems like an interesting idea, but you can just tell, somehow? That’s how I feel about The Event.

Still, I’d enjoy being wrong.

Hey now, there are plenty of new shows that should be good!

Running Wilde, with Will Arnett (finally back in primetime) and writer Mitch Hurwitz, of Arrested Development fame. Fox, Tuesday at 9:30 EST

It’s not the first season but you can easily catch up on it, it’s only 6 episodes…The League premiered last week and is on FX at 10:30 on Thursday, right after It’s Always Sunny. This show is a riot. Highly suggest it.

I’m also looking forward to Outsourced on NBC, Thursdays at 9:30, a fictional show about an Indian call center. I cannot wait for this, since I’m anxious as to how brown people (such as 1/2 of myself) will be portrayed on tv in a big way. Aside from Kal Penn and Whitecastle movies, Indians are woefully out of mainstream media despite their huge earnings (just surpassed Jews as the highest earning minority!) and relative numbers.

Early reviews on Ain’t It Cool News say that The Event is one of the better shows premiering this season. I’m… cautiously optimistic. It depends on how long they maintain the mystery of what The Event actually is- delay it too long, and I’ll lose interest fast.

That sums up my feelings exactly.

And I recorded *Boardwalk *last night, but the trailers never grabbed me much.

Have you seen the movie it’s based on - Outsourced? I liked it pretty well. It’s available on Netflix instant.

Ah, I didn’t know there was a movie. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the tip!