The New TV Season

Are there any upcoming shows that look good? What are people planning to be watching?

Veronica Mars and Studio 60 are no more, so I need some new blood… but I haven’t really heard much buzz about anything. Are there any good sites with reviews or previews or anything?

The new season of Prison Break is coming up. It’s supposed to take place in a really badass Central American prison. Can’t wait!

I am looking forward to Journeyman, Cane, and I hate to admit it, but I will give Cavemen a shot.

Back to You? Is that the new Kesley Grammer show? I want to see that one too.

And of course…Heroes

I think I’ll check out Chuck, but that may be about it.

What does Back To You look like? Is it closer to The Office or Everybody Loves Raymond?

We’ll probably skip just about everything until Tivo has a few episodes backlogged. Then we’ll see. The current New Shows To Record List has:

Sunday - Viva Laughlin, just to see how hard it sucks.

Monday - The Big Bang Theory will get its shot, just because it’s wedged between How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men.

Tuesday - **Reaper ** actually looks like fun. We’ll Tivo for a bit, because if it’s any good they will surely cancel it fast.

Wednesday - Back To You. I like Grammer but hate Heaton, so I hope it’s just a holdover from her previous show, which I loathed. The rest of the night is a wasteland.

Thursday - Survivor, then nothing.

Friday - Total zero.

Saturday - See Friday.

Same here. I’m not going to watch a show with her stupid face in it. Grr.

Sunday – Viva Laughlin, because I hope it doesn’t suck.

Mon. and Tues. – Dancing with the Stars (the results show of which, yay!, isn’t against** NCIS**.

Weds. – some curiosity about Dirty Sexy Money, which sounds as though it could be immensely entertaining.

Thurs. – Survivor

Friday – actually two shows, which would be great – does anyone else remember fondly when Friday was a good TV night? – The Next Great American Band (apparently bands can break up and reform during the course of the competition – cool!) and Women’s Murder Club.

So that’s four new shows I want to check out – which is about three more than I checked out last year, IIRC.

Nitpick: there have already been threads on this topic.