So what shortages are you personally seeing?

Local Meijer last week was completely out of canned cat food, except for some multi-can boxes of Meow Mix crap.

It was kinda creepy looking.

Canned clams have been out for weeks at Meijer, Walmart, and my local stores.

Is this still going on? I’ve been hearing about the aluminum can shortage for months now, and it has never affected my life. I drink Coke (regular) and various flavored seltzers, usually one 12-ounch can of each per day, and have never not been able to procure more supplies, nor have prices risen. This is the least effective shortage ever!

This is the first I’ve ever seen it. It’s not a shortage per se, but for years the store has had a threefer for 12-packs, and that’s just ended with the explanatory aluminum shortage sign.

Finally found green pot scrubbers. Have been looking for them for a month. And there were only a few left on the shelf in the store.

Do those of you struggling to find toilet bowl cleaner use a lot of it? You can order lime away toilet bowl cleaner for pick up in your local Dollar Tree store, but you need to buy 12 bottles. There’s a lot of iron in my water so that’s a trivial amount to me but…

I’m still seeing some soda shortages. Haven’t seen Fresca in many months, and other Diet varieties.

I talked to the guy stocking produce when I was shopping this morning. He said that the store’s orders would often not come, and when some came they got 1/4 of what they asked for.
There seems to be a couscous shortage around here - none of the stores I go to have the type I buy.
But it is far better than last March.

Walmart is still the only place I can reliably get 12 packs of Sugar Free Red Bull. Publix would always occasionally run out of them but over half the time they’ve been totally gone over the past year, forcing me to go to Walmart and thus make one extra trip indoors with all its attendant danger.

Frustratingly, even when they do have them they only have one or 2 12 packs, and even more frustratingly, multiple times they’ve had a “sale” on 12 packs of Red Bull , sale in quotations because when that happens there is never and product available. WTF man? If this happens again I’m going to speak to the manager and ask them why they keep running sales when there isn’t any product available, not because I want a rain check but because I’d rather not go to Walmart! I’d gladly pay an extra few bucks for that.

Shortages seem to vary by store here…for example, the local Target is almost always low on toilet paper but overstocked on paper towels, while the opposite is true at Publix. Canned goods don’t seem to be much of a problem at the moment; in fact, some unique items (Southwestern corn!) have started to reappear.

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