So what shortages are you personally seeing?

I just want you to know that for just a second I read that as “Kind grandpa.”

Wasn’t on our list, but I’ll guess they were out.

There was no turkey or ham lunchmeat available for my pickup today. I always order both and usually get something so that sucked. Fortunately, I have plenty of canned chicken and tuna so that will have to do for lunch for the next week or so.

3 stores, no cat food, had to do a Chewy’s order. Crazy. Bought some tuna for her majesty. At least there was tuna.

There was a large forest fire in the Vancouver, CA area in recent weeks.

I haven’t experienced any specific shortages in my area, at least not of things I want or need.

Aldi’s has been out of several of their store brand items for months. They are substituting brand name items.

Tandil liquid laundry detergent. One of the few laundry detergents that my skin can tolerate.

Uncondensed soups. They always have their brand of chicken noodle, but their beef vegetable, minestrone, and Italian wedding soups have disappeared.

Countryside creamery margarine. Rarely in stock.

And - last week they were completely out of raw carrots…

We’ve been trying to go grocery shopping once every 2-3 weeks so not as much worry about an empty shelf or aisle at the coop. Chuck and Don’s, however…this is where we get the cat food every week. We’ve been doubling up on that just in case the Wellness pate goes away for a while. Where I do see more shortage and wtf’s is at work- my company’s coffee bar never got the holiday-themed to go cups, and we never have enough chai to go around. Getting 12 oz jugs of milk seems to be a crapshoot and any kind orange, cranberry or apple juice in a bottle is impossible. I
will trade you 4 cases of Pepsi for a box of Grapefruit Bubly! : )

Yesterday I couldn’t get frozen peas. Not Petit Pois, not regular peas, not peas with those little onions, not regular frozen, not steam fresh peas…nada.

Okay, there were probably a few peas in the various stir fry medleys, but still. Has something happened to the pea crop?

My grocery store was almost emptied of milk and bread by late afternoon yesterday.

This is mostly people panicking because it’s gonna snow, and they’ll be stuck in their log cabins for weeks eating ……bread soaked in milk, I guess.

So I scoped out the bread shelves and there was only one loaf left that wasn’t gluten free or organic. The section where they kept the gluten-free and organic bread was full.

But the one loaf was my very favorite bread, the one I came in hoping to find….the Pepperidge Farm rye pumpernickel swirl. There it was, waiting for me at the back of the top shelf. If I wasn’t tall I probably wouldn’t have seen it.

The same thing happened at the cream cheese section of the refrigerated case…….it was empty except for one lone container of spread, but it was my favorite (Tillamook garden vegetable), the one I came in for.

I felt very lucky.

I was thinking of this thread again this morning when at the store.

At the “Top’s” market I go to, the frozen dinners are almost nonexistent and have been for a few weeks now (Marie Callenders and Stouffers).

In the bad old days of living in Davenport, Iowa, I once braved a January blizzard to get to the local supermarket, only to find the entire meat section empty except for a lone turkey ham. I think we ate vegetarian for a couple of days.

Still no caffeine-free diet Coke or Zero to be had, for any amount of cash. I guess everyone will be walking around with the purple jitters until the pandemic is over.

RV antifreeze cannot be found anywhere. All hardware stores, big box, and Walmarts are out of it. FWIW: this is used to fill the plumbing lines of RVs, boats, mobile homes, etc. in the case where they’re to be stored for the winter (unused).

The marina pulled my boat out of the water for maintenance last week, and a sudden cold snap meant it needed winterized. Due to the antifreeze shortage, they elected to finish mine first so it could return to the water (less likely to freeze there). So I guess it worked out in my favor this time. We keep a few year’s worth stored for our RV so we’re OK for a while. I wonder how long this will last though.

Earlier this year I bought it for $1.97/gallon at Walmart. It’s going for $30.00/gallon on Amazon now.

I’m working for a specialty pharmacy now, so the nationwide shortage of Actemra since it received emergency approval as a Covid drug has become glaringly apparent.

Clear plastic forks. Plenty of cheap ones, and combo packs, but the spot on the shelf for a package of just forks is bare. 3 different stores today, all with the same lack of forks.

Our supermarket was almost completely devoid of orange juice. Their milk selection was sparse, but that’s probably because they’re predicting a snowstorm.

Whomp biscuits and croissants (the kind in a tube/can) apparently cannot be had for love or money lately.

Surely, the gods have forsaken us.

We can’t get toner for our new color printer. Students will be returning to campus next week.

Correction: We did NOT get the distilled water.

I went into the store yesterday, and got 4 gallons of it, as well as celery. They had baby carrots (though not the 2 pound bags we usually get). No cabbage - not even the pre-shredded stuff for cole slaw. I did not look there for meat. I don’t think they had any Diet Sprite whatsoever though I did get the bottles of Diet Coke that they also missed getting for us. I’d tended to chalk those missing items up to the shopper not looking hard enough since in the past I’ve found things in the store.

The package of cheesecloth I requested was also skipped - that, I genuinely think may have been overlooked, as it’s gonna be buried in with kitchen gadgets and/or on aisle end caps. It’s hard to find in the best of circumstances. I didn’t bother looking for it myself.

There were definitely gaps in various shelves throughout the store.

I went to Costco after that. Plenty of baby carrots. Plenty of beef (though Costco does not sell the leaner variety we prefer). No boneless chicken breasts whatsoever (that was another thing missing from the Wegman’s order). I don’t know what else they may have run low on - there were no signs outside as there often are saying “we have no such-and-such”.

Profiteering. I posted in 2020 about trying to find thermometers for the household. CVS had nothing. I went to and they had them - about 5 bucks apiece. I bought 3 (one for spouse and me, one of son, one for housemate) - pretty sure they were the last 3 in stock, as they showed out of stock later that day.

Amazon showed the identical units for triple the price that same day.

I suppose Amazon has no policies to prevent this sort of thing. I’d also seen wildly overpriced RICE for sale there, early on.