So what should Bostonians shout?

According to Al Franken, if you want to protest Bush’s nomination as the Republican candidate for Presidency, you should simply shout it out the window. If you’re a Noo Yawka, you say “Fuggedaboutdit!” If yer frum Minnesooota, ya say “Oh no ya don’t!” Californian? “No way, dude!”

I’m originally from Maine, so I guess I could say “No sah!”

But now I’m in Beantown, and I’m ashamed to say, I can’t come up with that quintessentially Bostonian way to answer in negative. Sure, I can make stuff up, like “What, ah you friggin’ retahdid?”, or simply “Yawr a friggin’ disastah!” But those just suck, I have to admit.

There must be something. Some way to convey a Bostonian dismissal like “Fuggedaboutdit!” for New Yorkers. But I’m stumped. A little help?

“You’re a wicked retahd!”

Anyway, it doesn’t matter. It’ll just turn into ‘Yankees Suck!’, anyway.

I second the “wicked retahd” or perhaps “wicked loosah”.

Alas, I also lament the fact that it will turn into “Yankees Suck”.