So What's for Dinner Tonight? (2020 Anything Goes Edition)

My gf claimed the leftover black beans I’d made earlier in the week, and turned them into a delicious soup. I made the accompanying cornbread.

I have a hunk o beef defrosting in the fridge, so some kind of beef stew. Probably with red wine in it.

My daughter made potato soup last night. Potato soup… That sounds simple. She used a lot of our richest ingredients, though. Home made chicken broth, a pound of bacon, a cup of half & half. It was delicious.

BBQ Pork Sandwiches and coleslaw.

Lasagna, French rolls, fruit.

Beef stew inspired by beef bourgenon, made in the instant pot with ingredients that my family eats and that we have on hand. (Notably, no mushrooms.) A fresh loaf of bread, made in the bread maker, to accompany it.

Yay kitchen gadgets. Supper is cooking itself as i lie on the hammock, enjoying the last bit of sunlight and perhaps the last no-jacket day off the year.

I’m considering scabpicker’s Dan Dan Noodles, or maybe red lentil pasta with sundried tomato pesto sauce. It depends on how motivated I get.

Have to wait on the Dan Dan Noodles because I forgot to get ground pork. So it’s red lentil pasta with red tomato sauce with red sundried tomato pesto. I added some riced cauliflower to the sauce.

Outdoor dining (44 degrees) at a local brewery. We had baked raviolis, salad, and lots of beer. Every day like yesterday I worry will be the last nice day. I hate winter.

Last night was burgers, grilled onions , grilled jalapeno, slice of cucumber and tomato and some goats cheese

Goats cheese on a burger may be the ultimate goats cheese consumption method.

Tonight is leftover pasta in sundried tomato sauce, with roasted carrots and roasted green beans.

That sounds very good! I’m partial to bleu/roquefort/gorgonzola cheese on burgers, but I’ll have to try goat cheese. My favorite use of goat cheese right now is on toast with honey or a little jam.

I had a corned beef brisket kicking around from last March and today seemed like the perfect day to put it on the boil for dinner. I’ll throw in potatoes, carrots and cabbage later. I won’t have to cook much in the run-up to the Thanksgiving day meal.

After an unwelcome snow, in the mood for comfort food. Chicken wings and roast vegetables, probably.

Tonight will be leftover meatloaf (mixed with my hands!) and scalloped potatoes. Probably with a nice box wine.

Today would have been grocery day, but I wasn’t feeling up to it. So the cupboard is a bit bare.Just, one of those lazy simple things day anyway, so dinner was a thin cut sirloin cooked with a bit of olive oil, no seasonings or salt. Just plain beefy goodness with a side of a couple of Mezzetta brand chili peppers, and a slice of bread with butter.

Yeah goats cheese gets the tang and smooth melty but a little crumbly mouth feeling. I find the blue cheeses can be a bit over powering on a burger.
Now that’s got me thinking we needs some deep fried camembert or something as an appetizer for upcoming Thanksgiving meal, after all there will be cranberry jelly already available.
Would a deep fried or breaded and air fried gorgonzola work?

Lightly breaded baked chicken tenders, green beans, fagioli all’uccelletto, apples.

Sushi tomorrow with cucumber salad and … something. Either egg rolls or some sort of ersatz miso soup.

@kayaker is the air-fryer king around here; maybe he’d know. I’ve just been seeing recipes for baked brie with cranberry wrapped in puff pastry dough.

Fried chicken using using Kenji Lopez-Alt’s Southern Fried Chicken recipe.

“Cheese sticks” are easy to do in an air fryer. Really, anything goes!

Yesterda my gf mentioned that she missed “chicken McNuggets “. I bought turkey breast tenderloins, and cut them into bite sized pieces. I tossed the pieces around (with gloved hands) with a bit of mayonnaise, then bread crumbs. Arranged the breaded turkey in air fryer and lightly sprayed some oil on them. Then 380 degrees, stopping to inspect every two minutes.

Served with a homemade sweet and sour sauce.