So what's New York like these days?

Since leaving NYC nearly three years ago, my wife and I haven’t been back to the States. Tomorrow, we’re bundling ourselves and Baby (5 months old!) for a week-long trip back to the Old Country. Most of our vacation will be with (great-)Grandma and assorted relations in Delray Beach, FL, but we’re finishing it off with two nights in the Big Apple.

Now, I couldn’t care less about South Florida - it’s just malls, malls and more malls - but New York is important to us on a nearly religious level. So what’s the city like nowadays? Any major changes since September '02?

The weather’s been great the last few months.

Maybe it’s because I live here, but AFAIK

…it’s the same as it was when you left, busy busy busy busy. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Naked Cowboy is still in Times Square. Sometimes he goes on tour, though.

We’ve finally just about got the C.H.U.D.s under control.

Yea, but weren’t they keeping the alligator population in check?

Wow, the Naked Cowboy in Times Square?

I was on a class trip to the art institute in Cincinnati about six years ago; teacher stopped the van at a gas station and there was Naked Cowboy, filling up his tank. We sixteen-year-olds thought it was hilarious. I see that his venue has, uh, evolved. :slight_smile: