So what's so good about human fat?

What makes human fat so good for cosmetics vs. other animal fats that it should commands these prices?

Well I can’t answer your question; mainly because I think there is a flaw in the assumption that human fat actually does demand such prices.

I think the figure quoted supposedly came from the people in possession of the fat and I’m dubious that they could actually sell it for that. In fact I’m dubious that they had bottles of actual pure human fat, and I’m dubious in the method I read of how they collected it (heating bodies over candles and collecting the liquid fat runoff).

Wouldn’t they get more fat easier by raiding dumpsters at a lipo clinic, a la Fight Club? Peru is pretty austere, but if they don’t have such clinics, Colombia certainly does.

Is there anyone on this board who didn’t instantly think, “I’m selling their fat asses back to them!”?

Soylent Olay.

Oil of Ollie.

It’s cheap, if not free.

Maybe it’s Mabel?

Hard to believe that killing people and taking their fat entails less expense than using animals.

Finger lickin’ good!

I am so going to Hell for that…

I’d have to go with somebody wanting it for the magic juju it contains. The person can absorb the persons strengths or some other wild ass belief of a person wanting the fat. A belief like Countess Elizabeth Báthory had that bathing in virgin’s blood would keep her youthful.

Sometimes folk will pay stupid money for pretty much any old crap.

If it’s fat from an unbaptized child, they could use it to fly.

I was going to make a cannibal comment, but I didn’t.

And then I started thinking: I wonder if anyone would eat his own fat? Maybe render it for gravy or something. Is it morally wrong to eat yourself?



Poor Art!

Oh, my…

If you’re referring to the late Mr Hardy, there musta been a helluva lot of oil in that guy :wink:

Probably not going to make it to the front page of your news source.