Human Nature Disgusts Me.


Ten minutes from now, some moron will be posting here to defend these fuckers’ evil trade.

<whiney voice>“But they’re poooorrr!”</whiney voice>

Some unlucky bastard gets massacred for the human flesh on his bones, some utterly evil monster sells it for dough, but people make excuses.

2 to 1 odds say it’s a Eurodoper, flogging himself over collective guilt from the colonial era. 4 to 1 says it’s Coldfire, an otherwise grand fellow, but seized with the idea that people today are obligated to undo what others did 100 years ago.

BULLSHIT! There are no excuses for this!

The people who are doing this are vermin, plain & simple, & don’t need anything more involved than a jury trial & a Hangman. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

Thats… thats…


I say we hire Wyatt Earp to clean up.

You are completely fucking nuts.

Bosda are you ranting about people being skinned alive or the fact that somebody might say, “Hey, it’s their way of life.”?

I agree; it’s pretty sick. I am, however, curious about the “rituals” the skin and parts are used for. I have to admit to knowing practically nothing about African religions.

I agree.

Wow! They have DNA testing in Tanzania?

On the other hand, Bosda, I think you are out of line insulting the Eurodopers like that. They are often the FIRST to post appalled reactions to human misery. And the post-colonial guilt crap was totally uncalled for.

Bosda, what on earth made you put something like that? Singling out EuroDopers? What th’ hell’s bent your spoke that you’re lumping them together with cultural PC apologists?

Can’t see the logic there, at all.

Bosda, what the fuck are you smoking?

You better derail this trainwreck before it gets any worse.

Jesus H. Christ, get a grip, will ya? You are coming unhinged, Bosda. We all see that–your hysterical, overreacting posts have become increasingly frequent and well, insane. I seriously suggest you take a loooong break from posting and take a nice vacation somewhere. Preferably someplace away from people. And computers.

I’m not a Eurodoper, but…

You capitalist pigs are all alike! You have the nerve to criticize these people when you are the sole beneficiaries and perpetuators of the same Western imperialist practices that have systematically destroyed them and their culture over the past five hundred years, forcing them into the human skin trade. You’re nothing but fat, greedy, ignorant fools. Especially you, Bosda. Fuck you! The blood of your descendants will slake the thirst of the children of the revolution!


But is there some emergent virus threatening Western civilization today, Bosda?


Get a grip, pal. You’re turning into a fucked-up paranoid nutcase. And your bizarre comments on Europeans and Coldfire were way out of line. You’re going scary crazy and it is not cool. Get help.

Oooooh! That’s GOOD!


I’ve viewed this thread about half a dozen times already. I keep rereading it because I’m having trouble with the original post.



After your hilarious mock slight on Eurodopers, I’m delighted to see you included a parody of the adrift American who is occasionally aroused from intellectual torpor and moral indifference by titilating curiosities on sites casually perused in an attempt to stave off ennui without getting off the couch to an incontinent but vaguely manly display of homicidal outrage tweaked just so to express a hunger for the release of pent-up violent urges whilst simultaneously advising a cod-embracing of Western institutions in the form of jury trials. Fantastic. In your four “frowny faces” I could just see your parodied American with trembling smugly self-righteous fingers filing Tanzania under “things I have expressed my inner hurt and rage about today”. The advocacy of a “Hangman” rather than the more automated techniques of disposal available in advanced countries is a lovely skewering of risible attempts at empathy.

OK–you’re right. I’m running off the rails, here.

Every time I see something in the news that gets my blood pumping, my sense of moral outrage short-circuts my brain.

I hereby apologise to all Eurodopers, to Coldfire, to the Mods, to my fellow Dopers, to any offended cannibals/headhunters/human-skinner-alive-ers, and to their dogs.

I always seem to go off the rails in the Pit.

I’m not quite happy.

I’m not much of a capitalist, but…

You revolutionary parasites are all alike! You reap the benefits of the capitalist system, living like ancient kings. Yet, you criticize and bereate the very system that puts food on your table. You would deny this system to developing nations because you think you know what is best for them. Of course, you assume what is best for them is far worse than what is normal for you. Your revolutionary slogans are nothing more than the materialistic mad meanderings of deranged selfish individuals who have raised personal greed into an unworkable violent ideology based on theft. I hope Allah removes your stomachs, fills them with maggots, replaces them and feeds you raw hamburger for eternity!

Ahh! Better now. :smiley:

Well, that article certainly gives new meaning to the phrase, “I’m skint until payday.”

And you’ll be the second to go up against the wall, right after Bosda. :smiley:

Nice one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good to see you haven’t completely lost it Bosda.

I couldn’t have said this any better if I tried.