So what's the next super-big, multi-part movie saga gonna be?

Starwars has imploded. Indiana Jones has come and gone. The Lord of the Rings is over. X-Men and Spider Man together will probably never achieve the iconic status of those franchises. Dune was a horror, and the series is unlikely to ever grace the big screen in another permutation.

So what’s next? What’s the next really big, generation-defining, massively-loved, big-budget-bonanza-in-the-league-of-Star-Wars multi-part cinematic saga gonna be?

Rumor has it that Vin Diesel is trying to turn Riddick into a multi-part movie platform. It’s still possible, but they’re gonna need to put more effort into story for future flicks.

The final chapter on Star Wars’ life is disappointing, but not surprising. C’mon, this was the guy that gave us Howard the Duck.

I imagine Star Trek will probably go into a coma or hibernation soon, where it will remain dormant in Paramount’s coffers for ten or fifteen years, and then they’ll pull it out, brush it off, and start all over, hopefully with as successful a rekindling as TNG was.

I’d like to see Tarantino start a series. Not just a One Movie In Two Parts kind of thing, a la Kill Bill. Why? He has a good head for epic stories, even if you don’t like his specific stylistic choices for dialogue or cinematography.

I’d love to see some maddened director start a series of action/adventure movies, set in an alternate dimension, that teams up Jeff Bridges’ The Dude and Johnny Depp’s Hunter S. Thompson. They’d be crazy interdimensional warriors seeking to topple an evil alien empire.

Obligatory Transformers vote. :smiley:

I thought from the thread title that you were referring to LOTR. But isn’t *LOTR *the only series that was conceived and executed as a trilogy from the get go? I mean, The Empire Strikes back was entirely contingent on the succes of Star Wars; all the others you mention are just sequel series, after an initially successful first installment. Is that what you mean? Like Police Academy or Friday the 13th or *Jaws *or Rocky?What’s the next film to spawn a sequel, like *Baby Geniuses II? *


There’s one more Indiana Jones movie in the works.

If we’re lucky A Princess of Mars will do well enough for them to complete the whole series.

Well, there’s also the Matrix trilogy, but maybe we’re supposed to forget the last two ever happened.

If you liked Battlefield Earth, you’ll love Travolta’s new project: A ten-movie adaptation of L. Ron Hubbard’s Mission Earth dekalogy!

No, no, not really. Scared you, didn’t I? :smiley:

(Errmmm . . . Travolta doesn’t lurk on this board, does he? Wouldn’t want to give him any ideas! :eek: )

Oh God, yes! But only if they try to make the books, ala Harry Potter, not movies with the same titles as the books(Starship Troopers, gag)

Columbia Pictures is currently filming a movie adaptation of the Da Vinci Code and already has rights to the other Robert Langdon vehicle, Angels & Devils. Dan Brown is currently busy writing a third book featuring the Harvard historian, and if the first movie does well (no reason why it shouldn’t) more movies could be produced.

Yeah, but according to the sources I’ve seen, they’ve just thrown out yet another script.

Just do “FATE OF ATLANTIS” and be done with it, okay? That’s begging to be made into a movie.

Not like it matters. Ford is pushing 60. I don’t think he’s going to be able to new a new Jones movie. They might as well just make it a young indy movie and set it in the 1920’s.

It’ll probably never happen or, if it does, it’ll be done on TV because Stephen King seems to love to see his stuff on TV, but I’d love to see a multi-film adaptation of The Dark Tower.

Chronicles of Narnia part 1 (they are starting with Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe) is being filmed. I assume if it does well they will make all 7.
But its Disney, so they will probably make al 7 anyway (and just make them direct to video)


To save time, they could make “The Horse and Prince Caspian” followed by “The Last Voyage of the Silver Chair.”

Trilogy? Oh you meant Trinity, right? The hottie brunette with the S&M thing going? Yeah, that’s what you meant. You didn’t mean they made other movies. No. No, you couldn’t have. That would be nuts. Crazy. No, absolutely not. It. Never. Happened.

And Alien: Resurrection never happened either. It didn’t. At all.


What is this Serenity of which you speak?

But there’s no indication it’s going to be a multi-part saga.

And if there was no 4th movie, obvouvly, nobody would even think of making a crossover with the Predator movies.

On the DVD’s, Joss indicated he has a preference for doing the Serenity story as a series of movies rather than a TV show.