So what's the problem? Chez adhay

I’m not a mod, obviously, but I think the problem is that you opened a thread just to tell people to insult you, and the mods generally don’t like that.

What part of “thread too stupid to live” are you having problems understanding? The lockdown post says it pretty succinctly.

You didn’t make a lick of sense. Your last post was getting there - a little cleaning up, and I think I could dance to it. But when you start off by making a nonsensical demand for the mods to bold your name in the thread title, people stop paying attention and start labeling you weird names that don’t garner much respect.

Honestly - could you try to tighten it up just a bit? Start with the fact that NO ONE engaged you in any honest conversation, and work on creating an environment that might facilitate that.

To borrow the theme from your other Pit thread - it’s not so much that you’re trying to teach pigs to sing, it’s that you’re trying to teach a choir to sing by making oinking sounds and rolling around in your own feces.

Your suggestions?

IYHO. Please cite a typical example of my (no doubt numerous) transgressions.

I don’t doubt it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mods are Mods. No worse than to insult Modhood. :smack:

Here’s the first paragraph from your Pit thread:

  1. No one know why your reckoning’s time has come - you don’t explain why you’ve opened the thread.
  2. Mods can’t bold anything in the thread title.
  3. Even if they or you could, GQ wouldn’t be the correct forum.

This one simple paragraph shows that in over a full year of being on this message board, you still have no idea what’s going on, or how to interact in it. Either way, THIS forum isn’t the correct one for this, so I’ll drop it.

Bend over, please. I have a soap delivery for Munch.

Yay, soap!

No soap, radio.

All your base are smell like cat food.

…it’s a trap.

I like New York in June.
How about you?

I like a Gershwin tune.
How about you?

I love a fireside when a storm is due
I like potato chips, moonlight, motor trips, how about you?

CMC fnord!

Adhay, I don’t know what you’re trying to do here but it does look like a continuation bet of your action in the Pit.

It’s not getting any traction here either, especially as it seems like you’re raising with throwing in being rude to other posters.