So....when are topless photos of Pvt. Lynch gonna show up?

Remember, the Army Private who got ‘rescued’ from an Iraqi hospital?

Apparently, some fellow soldiers took topless photos of her. So how come they haven’t been on the internet yet?!

Larry Flynt has them, and he’s not sharing. How perverse is that?


So what is he waiting for? If he just sits on them, people will eventually forget, and nobody will care anymore. Why not leak them?

Cause it’s tough to outrun a bunch of pissed-off drunken jar-heads when you’re in a wheel chair.


Here’s some old news on it.

That’s to say someone with a lick of sense advised him on how printing them would likely go down. :smiley:

Somewhere, an angel got its’ wings.

. . . and a whole bunch of kittens haven’t gotten killed.

CRAP!! I blew the joke. I got Lynch confused with Lyndie England.


…and I thought you were making a joke. It’s Twoo! It’s Twoo!

That’s okay. I still laughed. Then again, I laugh at string.

… and I remember the day when taking pictures like that was a bad thing… like, career-ending bad…

I’m sorry, I must be reading the posts wrong. Larry Flint has the pictures and says it wouldn’t be the best positive move he could make? Is this some other guy named Flint that didn’t have a $1M bounty for nekked pictures of Jackie O, Mary Tyler Moore, and a host of other celebrities?

Because sometimes even dirtbags like Larry Flynt can do something decent.

Like sparing us from Lyndie England nudies.

Kick save and a beauty!