So when you hit the spell check and it says "No errors found"....

Do you secretly think to yourself “Holy crap! I can’t believe it!”

Or do you think: “Yep, I’m a good spellr alrite.”

Me, I’m a “Holy crap! I can’t believe it!” kind of guy.


Neither. While I am an exceelent speeler, I’m convinced a made a stupid typo that spelled a different word than what I intended.

C) It is SO a word. Sentence fragments are okay too. As a matter of fact, “sentence fragment” is a sentence fragment!

Yeah, pretty much what I say, or just “Wow!”

i make a lot more typos than spelling errors, as I type very fast and rather than stop and fix something, I just say, “What the hell, the spell checker will fix that later.”

Greatest invention since sliced bread (and I make my own bread, so have to slice it anyway).

This thread reminds me of a “Dilbert” cartoon.

An employee is talking to Dilbert’s Boss

Employee) And for your information my name is MYRON not MORON, please be more careful in the future when you use spellcheck.

Dilbert’s Boss) I have spellcheck?


I don’t use spellchecker because I don’t make spelling errors. :cool:

Generally, what I do is press the button a few more times; if that doesn’t work, I copy and paste the entire text on a fresh file and check again. If I still don’t get any results, I proofread the text very, very carefully until I find all the typos and spelling mistakes. It’s a pain in the neck, actually.

People use spellcheck? It underlines the objectionable words in red!

I proof it again to make sure I haven’t typed “diary” for “dairy.”

The last time I did it my only reaction was, “Whew! Now I can send this and go to bed.”

I don’t hit the spell checker function. It checks as it goes. But I kin spel gud neways.

I think I mentioned it in another thread some time back, but I don’t need a spellchecker.

I have an error correcting modem… :cool:

I haven’t hit the spell check button in … maybe 13 years. All you need to do is look for the red squiggles. :confused:

I think I added in a number and the spell check ignored some words because of that. Li2ke t7his.

I think “oh, hell, I accidentally marked the English language sections as ‘do not check’.”

I proof it to make sure “public sector” isn’t “pubic sector”.

Considering that I’ve always been a good speller, that I’ve been working in the language field for nine years, and that I just won $30 in a spelling bee (no, not joking), I accept it as business as usual.

Exactly - my thought is “Hmm, so all my typos created valid homophones. What a pain in the arse.”

You can get it to spot those, you know. In Word 2003, open your spellchecker, go to “Options” and uncheck “Ignore words with numbers”.

*Please *say it was to correct spelling.