So, where are you buying Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix from

I have decided I do not want to give a large conglomerate bookstore the business of my purchase of HP: TOTP.

I am going to go through a small children’s book store and pay full price because they have given me outstanding service over the years and need to stay alive.

Had an order in at Amazon for well over a year now.

If you order from Amazon’s UK site, you can get the Adult Version. In the past, this has had smaller type face and thinner paper, resulting in a more manageable size book. Which might be useful with this particular monster of a novel.

I’m placing an order at an independently owned bookstore in my neighborhood. They’re also offering a significant discount on the book (can’t remember what it is right now), which is great because as much as I’d like to give them the money my student budget hardly allows for it. It’s the most expensive children’s book in history, isn’t it?

I going to Waldenbooks and using the rest of my Christmas gift certificate.

Plus, preordering gives you 50 percent off. Even when you factor in international shipping to the US, that’s still only like 13.50 pounds, which is about 20 bucks US. I couldn’t do much better at Costco, plus it’ll be the non-Americanized version and adult version to boot.

I ordered it from Barnes & Noble. I’ve got a gift certificate for them that I got as a Christmas present.

Amazon here. Love it love it love it.

I ordered it from a few weeks ago at $27.00 CAD.

Didn’t know this is available for order. Will check around. Thanks!

I’ll get it from the local library. :slight_smile:

My sister works for Scholastic. I’ll get it direct from the source for probably less than $10.

StG has it for $25.80 plus if your order exceeds $39 (throw in a cd or another book) your shipping is free. :slight_smile:

I’m going to wait until 2005, and buy it at a discount book warehouse just before the movie comes out :slight_smile:

“Regular” Amazon has it for $17.99 and if you add in something else to get it to $25, you get the free shipping.

From my local independent bookseller.

K-mart, probably.

Just found out that my local Barnes and Noble is having a big Harry Potter release party June 20-21 at midnight. Much as I’d prefer to buy it at my favorite bookstore, the Elliot Bay Book Company (which gets plenty of my money as it is), it’s an hour-long ferry ride away and they don’t seem to be doing anything special for the release that they’ve announced. So, Barnes and Noble it is, me and my girls at midnight.

Just noticed this… keep in mind that the free shipping is a bit slower than their standard shipping. If you’re not in a hurry, though, its great.

If my friend and I don’t end up hitting a local bookstore at midnight June 21 (assuming, naturally, any of them have a party), I’ll probably order it off Amazon. Or give said friend money and get her to buy me a copy while she’s in England in July. I would like to have one of those versions… and as I fully intend to buy copies of the 3rd and 4th books while I’m in London in April, it could almost be a matched set! But I’m impatient, so maybe both options…