So where can someone with unpublished short stories get them published?

I’ve been a firearms historian and writer for a number of years and have been looking to branch out in my writing. I’ve tried getting my non-fiction work published in the US but have been politely rebuffed by every magazine I’ve contacted- usually with a polite “Sorry, but we’re not interested in foreign guns” response- so I’ve written a number of short fiction stories as a way of passing the time and because I like writing.

Anyway, they’re not doing a lot of good sitting on my USB key, so I started wondering: Where could I get them published?

I’m thinking of something “reputable”, or at least not “University-based E-Zine” type stuff, but I’ve really got no idea where to start looking. Also, if possible, I’d prefer to get some money out it, but I realise that’s probably being a bit optimistic.

Anyone got any suggestions, advice, etc?

Look at

It’s still vanity publishing but you get exposure. The other way into it, that I have found out, is to target your audience and flood the publishers of anthologies, and eventually they’ll take one on.

I’ve had great success with redbubble and lulu. I have my 2nd paid for by a publisher book out in march and my second “yay! this is just for fun book!” out in january.

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Buy yourself the most recent Writer’s Market (2009 I think). It’s packed with tons of legitimate places you can submit your writing - magazines, literary journals, ect. It lists their submission guidelines, deadlines, and what they pay (if at all). Really, it’s got everything from Playboy to small college literary journals.

Where would I get this from? I’ve never seen it here in Australia.

You can probably get *Writers Market *or the *International Directory of Little Magazines and Small Presses * from

Are your stories in any particular genre? There are various market lists online.

They’re probably best categorised as “Adventure Stories”, in the “Boy’s Own” vein, but not quite. Unhelpful, I know, but the best I can come up with at this late hour…

Well, one possible way is to go to a magazine dealer in Australia and look for magazines that publish that type of story. would have it. Good luck.

You can also try finding it at a large library or a college library. My college was a medium-sized state school and we had them (albeit, we have a very big journalism department).

You might prefer than over purchasing the guides - I think they’re sort of expensive.

I think this is the same Writer’s Market drastic_quench is referring to.

A friend of mine is using Authonomyto get exposure for his work.

It’s a site Harper-Collins use to get new material.

That looks very promising… thanks for the link! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.

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I like the book format.

Here is a link to Amazon:

Amazon will ship to Australia.

Also, and I’m sure you’ve heard this before but it bears repeating: PERSISTENCE. Keep submitting stuff and don’t give up, despite all the criticism and rejections (and there will be plenty). If a publisher or agent says no to one story, send them another.

And finally, write a damn good cover letter. Keep it short but make it stand out somehow. It can make a big difference. is an online guide to places you can submit short fiction to. (There’s another one, too, but I can’t think of it off the top of my head).

That’s exactly the sort of thing I’m looking for! Thanks!

I have to say I’m not sure how “complete” their listing is; they don’t mention a couple of reasonably well-known outlets that I’ve pitched stories to. If you could remember the other site you were thinking of that would be very helpful…

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Other than duotrope, try
The Write Market (
Literary Markets (
Absolute Write Consumer Markets and E-Zines (
The Market List (
Towse’s Links (

Writers Digest has a list of Hot Markets on its website, but I think those are usually nonfiction.