I know this has probably been done before, but surely it’s time for an update.

How many writers are there on these boards? What are you currently writing? Have you been published? Still in the editing phase?

I’ll get things started…

I am currently working on my first draft of my first manuscript. It’s a horror story that involves a fanatical Christian cult who will go to any lengths to summon a Lost Angel. The protagonist are a young unsuccessful law student who is quickly going no where, his girlfriend, a successful self employed programmer and her daughter who is only four years old. On the other side are two evil cult figureheads. One is an elderly man who runs the law firm the young man works at, while the other is a fanatic who is in charge of “recruiting” new members.

I’m almost finished with the first draft, with perhaps 30 more pages to write before I destroy it all during the editing phase :smiley:
I plan to submit it to a genre editor once I’m done with at least two edits (and once I find a good editor…)

So let’s have at it, who’s next?

Well, I’ve got a clutch of short stories that I’m working on.

Also, I just last week got a message that a new magazine in Australia (Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine) has bought one of my stories, for their June 03 issue - my first sale!

Well, here’s a wannabe checking in, anyway.

Currently I am working on:

a) my Master’s Thesis (yawn), and

b) a 70-page annual report for my job, on stats & demographics for the county in which I live (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN)

Just got done with our agency newsletter (ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ).

Otherwise, I’m dreaming of the day when someone will “discover” me and beg me to let them publish my memoirs. :wink: :rolleyes:

I’ve had four teeny little books published, and my fifth teeny little book is coming out in Sept. I’m very happy with them and all, but I don’t actually make any MONEY off 'em.

I’m in the process of writing my second play- it’ll be performed this summer at an equity theater in Delaware.

I also write columns of varying degrees of quality for a gay newspaper- they’re under the name Kristen Minor at http://www.camprehoboth.com

Teeny little books? How so? What are they about? Give us the 411 (that’s my attempt to be “Cosmo”…)

I write short stories for fun and for practice. For a living I write for a newspaper. It’s rather boring really, and I hope to get into something more interesting. Soon. :slight_smile:

I’ve written some fine pieces about a robotic controller programming language.

Ok, ok, so the plot was nonexistent and the characters underdeveloped. But then that’s the way it is in most technical writing pieces.

I’ve submitted a d20 fantasy module and I’m preparing a short horror story for submission.

“Teeny little books? How so? What are they about?”

—I write biographies of long-forgotten show-business people, like Theda Bara, Anna Held, Kay Kendall. I figure, there’ll ALWAYS be someone to do books on Marilyn and Elvis, but who else would be crazy enough to resurrect the people I wanna write about?

I know we have a lot more published writers on the Board—c’mon folks, log in!

Yeah. That kind of stuff. :slight_smile:

I’ve only had one nonfiction book published, and I understand the rules are different for fiction, but I submitted a Book Proposal (even though I’d actually written the book once at this point) that included the first chapter, an outline, and relevant samples of my writing from elsewhere. It presents your writing andabilities and what the plot is (and where it’s going) in a short format, which editors like because it saves them a lot of wading through the slush.

I’m still trying to earn back the publisher’s advance on my book. I foolishly blew it on frivolities like pictures, illustrations, and permissions. I figure if I don’t write too often I can break even. (acknowledgments to “A Night at the Opera”)

Doesn’t this question come up every few weeks?

I’ve had a novel and 30+ short stories published. The list can be found on my Web Page.

Ten of my short stories will be available from Fictionwise soon.

I’m not published, but I do write a weekly humor column, which I publish online at www.ravingsfromdave.com.

Right now, it’s just something I do to keep myself sane and amused. I’ve toyed with the idea of trying to get a regular newspaper gig for it, but I don’t feel as if I’m ready to start peddling it yet.

Working on my 3rd novel. No fiction published. A couple dozen game reviews (mostly online, but also in a magazine).

On the positive side, Dragon magazine asked to see an article I wrote and queried them about. And I got only my 2nd personal rejection letter for a short story I sent to Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine!

And if you don’t think a personal rejection letter is something to be excited about, ask Eve and RealityChuck.

Oh and LiquidLobotomy, your story sounds very interesting.

Thanks Throatshot! I’ve read a few of your articles myself and I must say that you’re an accomplished writer yourself. BTW, you should stop in the greatest RPG thread, you advice is sorely needed in there.

I’m an author, but I ain’t a writer yet. Does that count?

I’ve written a novel about a werewolf stalking a small southern town and the drifter who has arrived to fight it. I’ve written a handful of short stories. To date, I’m unpublished.

My best friend gave me a wonderful piece of advice when we were 16: " Don’t say we want to be writers, because we already are. Say we want to be published writers."

I’ve published a few poems, but no fiction yet; fiction is my passion, and I think I’ve been too afraid of rejection to submit any to anything but school lit magazines. I’m sure I’ll do it eventually, though. Though I’ve written many short stories and novellas, I’ve only written one pitifully short novel so far (about the same length as Chopin’s “The Awaking”) It’s a horror story about four friends who open a Pandora’s box after graduating from college; I send it via e-mail to anyone who wants to read it :stuck_out_tongue: Eventually I’d like to write something of a marketable length, but I need to develop my attention span more…

Mystery - second in a series for a mystery mag. Usage clue gives former English teacher/brother of police detective the solution to a murder of an English photographer.

SF/Fantasy- AIDS cures vampires, have it sold - need to finish it.

Play (with musical overtones) - Music teacher is killed when a piano under which he has passed out falls on him and he has 48 hours to pull off something good before being let into heaven or being forced to go to the alternative. Rep company likes the first act, hates the last act and is tepid about second act.

Rock Opera - Still retooling Kent State probably will be for the next 100 years.

In Flight - Just finished a piece on the Annual Pancake Race in Liberal (it isn’t), Kansas. Just have to put it in the mail. It was a fun article. The town really gets into it.

Religious - Am pretty much finished with a piece on a guy in Eastern Colorado who while in Viet Nam promised God he would build a church to honor Him. The guy now has a chapel sitting in his farm’s front yard.

Children’s Theater - Have sold an idea on a hardboiled detective searching for Santa Claus (includes striking elves, rude raindeer, strange Peter Lorrie like characters lurking about, and terrible puns) - Now the hard part, getting started.

And of course there is the day to day newspaper stuff.

I’m a free lance writer who’s done almost everything you can think of. Several non-fiction books, an anthology I edited, sf short stories, newspaper articles, technical writing, academic papers (even though I’m not an academic) and bunches more, including all the dull stuff like press releases, promotional material, and brochures. I even wrote a poster once. A novel is out making the rounds. That would complete the collection.

Mothers, don’t let your kids grow up to be free lance writers.

I’m not sure if I’m a “real writer” or a “wannabe”.

I’m clocking in with over a dozen fanfics, 40-some-odd reviews, a handful of essays, and assorted script treatments and fan projects. Everything’s been publically available, though none have been paying jobs (the reviews were done out of charity). I also – eons ago – submitted a few short stories that were (rightly) rejected.

So am I a “real writer” or a “wannabe”?