So who fancies doing a bit of dream analysis?

Well here’s my dream:

I was in a sub-urban area, the housing around ranged from run down to well kept. There were two garages next to eachother, I was with Gandalf, Frodo and two women I didn’t recognise. “Well go on” said Gandalf, we all walked forwards and into the garages, going straight through them but not as in through doors, passing through the matter that made them. The garages IIRC were green. On the other side was a mountain and a forest, we went to the forest and built a structure then Gandalf and Frodo threw two small green bundles into the structure. “Well wheres yours?” they asked “We need more hash for the stash” but I had no hash, for some reason I said to one of the women “Get me some paper or a bong” but she replies “What’s a bong?” so I dreamt describing a bong to her. We then walked back through the garage and when we were half-way through i woke up.

So Dopers, what does it all mean?!

That when you got the munchies last night you had too much pizza before bed.