So, who wants to IM me?

Here I sit, sort of bored. So I decide to try my Yahoo Messenger on for size, since I haven’t actually used it in a long time. (at least since the other day, anyways)

I’d say I was really bored, but who can be truly really bored with the SDMB actually going at a relatevely fast speed? :smiley:

But yeah… snap me out of it.

Yahoo = flamsterette_x
ICQ (if anyone uses it) = 130187524

Oh yeah, if anyone does message me, identify yourself by Doper screen name, so I know who I’m talking to. Thanks.

And if not, I won’t feel too bad! :smiley: (but I’d appreciate it more if people did talk to little ol’ me, hehehe)

I’m never around on those two, but I’m on AOL (yes it’s evil, I know, it’s just that most people are there).

But I was wondering, are you a drummer or something like that? Your username just reminds me of the days I used to play (the “flam” part)…


To everyone who mught have been trying to IM me in the past 10-15 minutes or so:

I’m sorry… my friend called me to say she was back from China.

I am now online again and ready to deal with the message flood! :smiley: (just kidding)

Oh, and clayton_e: someone else asked me this on IM (JMan, I think). No, I am not a drummer. The explanation follows:

Flamsterette_X story: it’s a word I made up a few yrs. ago, which is an acronym in a way… at least the FLAM part is

some of the important things in life:
Friends, Laughter, And, Music

and it naturally had a few prefixes and suffixes, thus:


now you know how weird I am, haha

Okay, so it doesn’t have prefixes (as Crunchy Frog once pointed out to me)… I really ought to update my “FAQ”! :smiley:

I’d return the favor, but I can’t get Yahoo Messenger to work anymore! Curse my janky network connection. Thanks for keeping me company the other night, Flammy.

Hey, not a problem, pbr! Not a problem at all… we can talk some other time.

Shouldn’t your screen name have 4 e’s? Unless you’re a flamster, a practitioner of the time-honored 19th century art of the flim-flam. Virtually.


Just goofing around. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip (and sorry if I didn’t identify myself before!)

Also, here’s the longer explanation of the origin of the handle Flamsterette_X, aka Hamster_X.

Flim-flamming, Billy? Some people would tell me I do that every day, if you mean being wishy-washy. :smiley: Nah, I know you’re just goofing around. :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, lel… you did identify yourself in the message you wrote when you wanted to add me. (as if the “waves hi to hamster_x” part wasn’t enough :smiley: )

Thanks for posting the link, too: I just decided it was more expedient to copy and paste the explanation in my post. Easier than dealing with the vagaries of the search engine, at any rate.

im on ICQ and AIM. I just requested to add you to my contact list flamster. If anyone wants to msg me im ICQ# is 17299703 and my AIM name is Solomon747.Happ chatting :slight_smile:

I would - but since your local time is now 01:00, I’m guessing you’re asleep :slight_smile:

Don’t worry about it, grimpixie! I was asleep at that time, yes. :slight_smile:

Solomon7t, I got your request, and I requested you to add me to your list, so things should be done on that end. :slight_smile:

I’d like to thank everyone who came to my rescue… you know who you are! (since I don’t think it would be political to actually say who I talked to :smiley: ) Then again, why not publicly thank the ones who did such a small deed? Small it may have been, but it meant a lot to me. :slight_smile:

MagicalSilverKey (I keep on missing your messages because I’m offline when you send them… next time, perhaps)
interface2x (it was nice chatting with you; hope to see you around more on the boards :slight_smile: )
JMan (sorry about the disconnection; there was nothing I could do about it)
BlackKnight (thanks for chatting with me; maybe next time we can chat some more)
Dirty Earthworm (it was cool chatting with you; here’s to next time! :slight_smile: )
Solomon7t (hopefully, I’ll get to talk to you on ICQ soon)
iconoplast (yes, having the ability to add people does help in IM’ing them, doesn’t it? :slight_smile: )

So I’d like to say thanks to everyone for livening up my evening! Certainly fun! :slight_smile: And as for bombardment, I wouldn’t say that I felt TOO bombarded! :smiley:

Cheers to all, and see you around! :slight_smile:

Oh, and if I missed anyone in the above list, I’m truly sorry. :frowning:

I’ve added ya to ICQ.

Okay, thanks.