So who's doing a Christmas Bird Count this year.

I’m sure there are some other birders around here.

I usually do at least two a year, one in Panama, where I live, and one in New York, where I visit.

Here in Panama, I’ve done the Canal Area Pacific count most years since 1989. We usually get a total of 320 species or so. For a long time, the Canal Area Atlantic count was always the top one anywhere (the record being 357), but recently Monteverde, Costa Rica, has been beating us.

I’ve done the Bronx-Westchester count most years since 1987. My own beat is Pelham Bay Park in the northeast Bronx. We usually do very well on owls and raptors. The count probably Unfortunately, this year they’ve scheduled the Panama Pacific and the Bronx counts on the same weekend. (They’re usually on successive weekends.) So I’m going to miss the Bronx count this time! :frowning:
averages about 112 species.

I must have one of the best composite lists of anyone. There can’t be too many people who often score both Keel-billed Toucan and Saw-whet Owl in the same count period.
So who else is counting?

Before I opened this post, I imagined that it was about counting the number of times one is flipped off by fellow human beings between Thanksgiving and the New Year.

Me no count birds. You good bird counter. Yay for you.

Congrats on 2000, btw. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it looks like I won’t get to participate in any of our local counts this year…one is tomorrow and the other is Thursday. I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing because they are forecasting up to eight inches of snow and 30-40 mph winds, so I don’t know what they will end up seeing. I am travelling for Christmas but it looks like I won’t be staying in a count area (I know do one by yourself)…but I will be birding an area of the province (Saskatchewan)I’ve never birded before, so I hopefully should see something exciting…


Thanks. Maybe I should have started a post-party with my 2000th instead. :wink:

Heck, I know there are more birders out there. brachyrhynchos? screech-owl. Somebody else must be doing one.

I saw some pigeons here in Brooklyn today, down around Borough Hall when I was getting off the IRT.

Does that mean that a “colibri” is some sort of bird? I always assumed it was a cocktail.

Hmmm. I’ve never even hoid of such a thing. Have fun, man.

And Colibri makes cigarette lighters.

The Brooklyn count is on Saturday. They usually do pretty well, and get a lot more than just pigeons, especially since Jamaica Bay is partly in their territory.

Colibris are also known as chupaflores, visitaflores, and zumbadores.

It’s originally Taino, but is now used in Spanish, French, and in many other languages.

Audubon Christmas Counts are now in their 103rd year. About 55,000 people participate in 1,900 counts.