So, who's looking forward to the Daredevil movie?

Now that Spider-man is so close to coming out that there’s no more point in speculating about it whatcha think about Daredevil?

I’m looking forward to it. I’m not one of the Affleck haters, and after reading his forward to the trade paperback of Kevin Smiths run on Daredevil plus a few of his interviews it should be interesting to see what a movie will be like when the star loves a character as much as he seems to.

He’s already managed to vote down the producers on some of the early costumes – good news if this: News Askew is what they looked like!

Oh, hell yeah. Daredevil is one of my all-time favorite superheros. I had a subscription for about 10 years; didn’t stop getting 'em until I left for college.

And I bet he’ll be one of the better costumed heroes to translate to the big screen, since there shouldn’t be any goofy special effects, since he doesn’t have big showy “powers”.

Anyone still read the comic? What’s been going on?

I’m already standing in line for it.

Metaphorically speaking, of course.

I’m not particularly fond of Affleck (I think Damon would be better for the part), but Michael Clarke Duncan will make a great Kingpin.

I like the idea of a Daredevil movie, mainly because his kind of action is the kind that translates easily to the movie screen. Unlike, say, Superman, you don’t need millions of dollars in special effects to showcase a fearless acrobat with unusually actue senses and a staff.

Just one caveat…ever notice how virtually all these superhero movies chronicle the very beginning of his career (or an alternate version of same)? If Daredevil goes the same route, I’d like an explanation of how he became such an extraordinary martial artist. The accident that gave him superpowered senses and a radar sense did not confer fighting ability; he had to learn that on his own. Same deal with the physical requirements of leaping and swinging throughout the city without killing himself.

Fans of Daredevil can see Rex Smith’s portrayal in 1989’s made-for-TV The Trial of the Incredible Hulk.

Of course, halfway through you may feel compelled to gouge out your own eyes…

Oh, yeah! I never thought they’d make a Daredevil movie, and I’m just thrilled to death! Woo!

Daredevil was one of my favorites back in my comic book reading days – long, long ago. I even had a letter published in one issue – during Frank Miller’s run, I believe… However, I find the casting on this movie problematic. I just can’t like Ben Affleck! He has a smarmy, pretentious, conceited air about him that just gets my back up. He just isn’t likable, and I always found Daredevil to be one of the most personable super-heroes – ethical and righteous without being tiresome and, as Matt Murdock (do they still use the term ‘secret identity?’), just a really nice guy. “Nice guy” being words I can’t imagine used to apply to Ben Affleck.


Yes, but do any of you remember when Daredevil wore a yellow costume?

Am I showing my age?

Looks like they at least did a good job of casting Foggy Nelson, judging from this pic.

No man, it’s gotta be King Kong Bundy!

I’m not a huge DD fan, but my understanding is that he learned his martial arts skilled after being sort of adopted by a semi-mysterious master named Stick.

Well yeah but how are you gonna show that in a 2 hour movie?

Two words: TRAINING MONTAGE!!! (sorry, I just saw that episode of south park :))

I dunno, like I said, I rather like Affleck in the right movie. Hell, it was great in Jay and Silent Bob how they kept ripping on him and even HE joined in the act. Plus Chasing Amy is one of my favorites.