So who's slept with a boss or subordinate?

I’m only looking for relationships that cross hierarchial levels. Just having an affair with a co-worker doesn’t count. neither does having an affair with someone who outranked you, or whom you outranked, if you were in separate departments so neither of you had supervisory authority over the other. On the other hand, if you had an affair with a former boss or subordinate while you were both still employed by the same company, that counts.

I have twice. In the first case, I had left the company and needed to come back for a brief period while I was getting trained for a better job in another field. I had a friend with benefits who had since been promoted into the same job I had left, albeit at a different location. She gave me with the job with the mutual understanding that I’d be leaving as soon as I got the job I really wanted, and we maintained the fuck-buddy relationship in the meanwhile. It worked out well, as she got the services of someone who knew the technical aspects of her job and was perfectly willing to give her help, and yet had no desire to supplant her.

In the second case, after I’d moved into the new job at the new company, I had a boss I thought was quite the hottie. Since I intended to keep this job indefinitely, I kept my thoughts to myself. However, eventually she transferred to another city. Last year while we were in Vegas for a convention, we ran into each other, caught up over drinks–and, well, it was Vegas.

Anybody else?

I slept with the president, founder and CEO. It was an internationally-known company.

Pretty embarrassing, and it didn’t “get me anywhere.” :wink:

I slept with my boss, a married man 25 years older than me, whose son worked at the company too. He did start to view my work in an unrealistically good light during our affair, but my peers started to hate me.

Was it one after the other, or all three at the same time? :slight_smile:

Does the bosses daughter count?

One guy. Quite a guy, actually. :wink:

When I was a teenager, I took a job as a monkey for an extremely shady PC dealer. It was so shady that one of the other techs and I actually lived on the premises as part of our compensation.

After a while, I initiated a conversation with the owner about how I’d like to be payed more and live off-premises because I couldn’t socialize in the usual way with women there. Somehow as part of her counter-argument that it was possible for a guy to get laid in an office with an Ikea bed in it, we started having sex.

She assured me that it was totally okay for me to bring girls over on off-hours if I wanted to, and I kept on being ridiculously under-compensated.

When I bumped into an old girlfriend in the street and spent the night with her in my weird little bedroom-with-a-drop-celing, I got reamed out in front of everyone else in the morning and fired on the spot. “This is a business, not a bordello!” :rolleyes:

I slept with my boss’s cousin for a while, then we drifted apart when I left that job. Six months later, I took a job at the company at which he worked. Started sleeping with him again, and before long, I was transferred to his department so he was one of my bosses, and we shared an office.

That was an interesting workplace dynamic, I must say. Nothing like groping each other in the file room, hoping the CEO doesn’t walk in…

The entire affair lasted about three years, and ended only when I moved to another city.

I was an assistent to a “rock journalist” (ok the editor of Spin at the time), a position for which blow jobs are part of the official job discription.

The funny part was when he asked me accusingly why I hadn’t been at his wedding. (I regret nothing…but what a bastard.)

I assume that (since you were being fired, anyway), you responded “Is that why you didn’t charge me?”

So was your case voluntary or no? Because it sounds not, but I’ve been wrong before.

In large organisations, it is not at all unusual. A quick happy hour shag is no great complication. Often the difficulty starts when the pair stop shagging due to one of the parties tiring of the affair.

Would that I were so prepared.

Waittaminnit! Aren’t you the same guy who started the “Have you ever cheated…” thread? I think we need a new board – the Skald True Confessions Board. We could have threads like, “Have you ever nailed or been nailed by a teacher?” or “What’s the most public place you’ve ever had sex?” or "Have you ever been tricked into a homosexual encount…

No, wait, on second thought, never mind. Forget I said anything.

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(raises hand) I did it when I was young and bittah about my ex. It wasn’t the fulfilling experience I’d hoped it would be.

Well, I was a volunteer at a non-profit org, and one of the paid staff members kinda started cozying up to me. At first it was weird, because it felt sort of like an employer-employee thing, since she’d trained me and all.

But later I married her, so I guess that’s OK.

She worked for me. We were in the same division (US Navy), and I outranked her by four paygrades and was 15+ years older. We kind of fell into each other during a port visit in the Med (neither of us was thinking straight, but both wanted it to happen,) and kept it up once we got back to the States for three months. It ended badly (just as I knew it would, but in a different way), and it was very uncomfortable working together for the next year until I left that ship. But there are only one or two things I did in that relationship that I would change.

<hesitantly raises hand>

I slept with a subordinate. Two tiers down.

I was actually kinda shocked because she asked me out. Granted she was apparently unaware that I was 26 to her 18 when she asked. Anyways we went out a few times, connected really well and it turned into a bf/gf thing for about 6 months. It was wonderful at the time I had never been so happy in my life as when I was with her. Then we made a little drachling. I had already told several of my friends that this girl was the one and give it a little more time and I am going to propose a month or so before. Long story short, I did propose, she thought it was just because she was pregnant and she broke it off shortly thereafter. I tried for about 6 months to try and find my way back into her world but to no avail.

Of course our employer had some fairly strict rules against the management team dating crew (although almost all of them did it at some point). When she informed me of the pregnancy I turned in my two weeks figuring this would come to light eventually and I might as well bow out gracefully.

In those 6 months we were dating we were spotted twice by other people who shared our employer. Funny thing was, both times it was a couple who was supervisor/subordinate as well, so nobody heard a word about it. In retrospect I probably could have kept my job since A: she quit a few weeks after I did. B: I found out after the fact despite the dim view of such practices on paper, nobody had ever actually beeen disciplined except for one situation where there was a little quarrel on duty that got kinda ugly.

Our children (Twin boys) are almost 8 now, and we are still on pretty good friends despite the fact that we are now both married to different people.

Both companies in my example were quite large. In the former my fuck-buddy could have been disciplined, depending on the whims of HER manager; I know when I got my first management job there, I was told in no uncertain terms by my boss to stop having lunch with a platonic female friend of mine, even though I had no direct supervisory authority over her. In the latter example I think we would have been fine, given that we didn’t even work in the same state, much less the same facility. 'Sides, it was a one-nighter.

That was actually another guy who looks just like me and has the same name. The Earth-2 Skald the Rhymer. Or my good twin. (I, of course, am the EVIL twin.)

Sort of.

My girlfriend’s truck in high school.

Coward. :slight_smile: