So whose “Last Day on Earth” was it? (WALKING DEAD spoilers ahoy!)

If you saw the season finale for TWD the other night, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t seen it yet and still opened the thread despite the warning in the title, I assume you either don’t care about spoilers or just like complaining. Open spoilers for both the TV show and the comics ahead

In the poll, vote for the character you predict will die, regardless of whether you think that was the best narrative choice.

In the thread, discuss whom you think should die, or complain about cliffhangers, or argue over whether Sasha or Rosita is prettiest.

My vote, incidentally, is that Aaron will die. He’s the most peripheral character in the group and seemed shoehorned in. He’s not involved in any of the characters’ storylines. Rick will be angsty no matter who bites it, but Aaron won’t send him into a second bout of madness.

But it’s Rick who should die. Simply from Negan’s perspective, the erstwhile sheriff is the man who’s gotta go. Negan knows Rick is the leader; offing him is the best way to break the group’s spirit, and leaving him alive is the best way to guarantee a rebellion. Killing Carl guarantees that he’d have to kill Rick a moment later. Admittedly bashing Rick’s head in would arouse a similar reaction from Michonne or Daryl, but Negan doesn’t know that. So Rick is the one who should die from a logic perspective—or, if the writers wished to remain faithful to the comics, Glenn.

Oh, and Michonne is the hottest, everyone knows that. Anyway, the poll will be up shortly.

The audience.

OK, actually, in order of likelihood:

  1. Eugene

  2. Abe

  3. Glenn

  4. Aaron

  5. Darryl

  6. Everybody else, except Rick and Carl

From the show’s perspective, I doubt Negan knows the whole story on Rick. For all we know, he may consider Rick someone he can eventually coerce into being a lieutenant.

I’m sure Negan doesn’t know the whole story on Rick; he had to ask who the leader was. But he correctly intuits that Carl is Rick’s son, and that a threat to Carl is the surest way to keep Rick in line. I’m saying that, if Negan wants to break the group’s will, he should kill both Grimeses.

He won’t, of course. The last bit of dialogue gives away that neither of them die.

Although I know, and have advocated that the comics aren’t canon, since this scene apparently happens in the comics with Glenn as the victim, I think they’re sticking with that premise for the show as well. Plus his angry charge, plus the whole midseason fakeout (just to fuck with us even more). He’s the only S1 character who is even killable in that group.

It’s Glenn.

Not really. He says if anyone moves they’d stop, feed Korrl’s other eye to Rick, and then they’d start again. So in theory it could still be either of them, but in practice they are both untouchable simply due to plot armor. But the line doesn’t mean anything.

I disagree. It makes no sense for Negan to give that instruction if he’s beating either of them to death. But I’m not gonna argue about it, and note that I included both Rick & Carl in the poll options.

Why, oh why couldn’t it be Father Gabriel? Oh, right, because God hates these people.

Tara wasn’t there was she? I thought she was on an extended supply run with Heath.

Not there. Alana Masterston, who plays the character, was nine months pregnant when they shot the assault on the Saviors’ compound (or what they thought was the Saviors’ compound), so I expect she was on maternity leave during the filming of the last part of the season.

Which is good, as she is too pretty to die.

Some further evidence that it’s Glenn.

I’ve been warming up to Abe, but I wouldn’t get all angsty if it was him.

I’ve grown exceedingly fond of Eugene, and I hope he, Darryl, and Michonne are safe because I love all of them.

And I think Rosita is adorable, and Abe is a jerk for giving her the heave-ho.

I’ve got to admit that’s not a bad case made, but I’ve already committed, so…

It’s Glenn because Steven Yeun’s stock is high and he needs to be making movies. He’s been around since season 1 and has got to be sick of the show by now. Plus, you know, comic book canon.

I also predict Maggie dies shortly thereafter for similar reasons, Lauren Cohen’s chances to be a lead in romantic comedies will never be better.

Oh and something else I just thought of: remember the Savior compound raid/murderfest, with the wall of photos of people whose faces had been gruesomely smashed in by Lucille? It was Glenn who found it, was shocked/horrified by it, and at that same moment lost his innocence. Not a coincidence there; clear foreshadowing.

In retrospect, the entire Miracle Dumpster Debacle was a clever misdirect in order to make us think “well they went to all that trouble to keep Glenn alive, how could they kill him off a few episodes later?” Since this exact scene happens with Glenn as the victim in the comics, they needed that in order to cast some doubt since of course the null hypothesis is going to be that it’s Glenn in the show as well.

On the other hands, they both have mothers emailing them pictures of David Caruso and Shelly Long on a regular basis.

A very good point.

I’d say Abraham, biggest guy in the group.

I’ll assume everyone knows who’s SUPPOSED to get beaten to death, but I won’t mention his or her name.

My logic is… the producers will make the most chicken shit move they possibly can. The show is LONG past the point where we could plausibly argue, “Everyone is at risk of dying.” I just don’t believe they’d kill off one of the stars (hell, they didn’t have the balls to let Darryl get shot without reassuring viewers it was just a flesh wound). Which means they WON’T kill the person who died in the comic book.

I think they’re too chicken shit to let Negan bludgeon one of the women, but fear the backlash if the character killed is someone as insignificant as Eugene. So… I say they kill off Abraham and try to pretend that’s a bold move.

(Can you tell I’m really bored with this show about now?)

Jimmy Olsen.

Did you read the thread? I feel like you didn’t read the thread.

The OP specifies that there will be open spoilers for both the comic book and the tv show.

I voted Glenn but not for these reasons. I don’t think Maggie is going to die but I believe this will cause her to lose the baby. I don’t think this show wants to have two babies to deal with and this incident would make that more believable so if Glenn goes they get the shock value of his death and the solution to the multiple baby issue.