The Walking Dead: Which main character snuffs it in Season 6?

If you’re reading this thread, you’re probably a fan of the show. If you’re a fan of the show, then you have almost certainly have seen Episode 12. So…




You know that Maggie and Carol have been captured. It’s pretty well known that a major character will be killed this season. So which one is it?

Maggie is pregnant. That can be a safety net, or a death warrant. TPTB do seem to like to shock the fans. What could be more devastating than killing Maggie and her unborn child after she has lost her entire family and, for a while, lost Glenn? OTOH, I can’t see Glenn being especially useful if his wife and child are killed.

Speaking of Glenn, the guy’s a cat. He’s used up three of his lives. Three miraculous saves means that the next time he’s a goner. Especially since he’s finally killed a human. Worse, he murdered a human in his sleep. If Glenn is killed, Maggie would still have their child to bear and raise. He’ll go before Maggie does.

Carol had an epiphany of sorts. She doesn’t want to talk to Morgan, but she doesn’t want to kill him either. She’s accepted her role as ‘mother’ to the group, and to the Alexandrians. (Or should we call them ‘Alexandrites’? That would rock.) Most importantly, she got laid. Everyone who’s seen a horror movie knows that if you have sex you get horribly killed. :stuck_out_tongue: But seriously, she seems to have achieved a new balance – a new ‘peace’. Sounds a bit like Doomsville to me.

What rhymes with Carrol? Daryl! His death would hurt – the fans, maybe more than the other characters. It’s pretty clear he and Carol aren’t going to hook up. If he’s killed it would be hard on the group, but I don’t see any reason to croak him.

Abe had his ‘moment of clarity’ last episode. Start having those, and you’re liable to let your guard down.

He’ll survive.

She’ll live, too.

He’s finally getting it. Gabe has overcome his cowardice to become – or at least start to become – a ‘Warrior Priest’. Now, there have been characters who have been killed off just as they were beginning to bloom. But I don’t think Gabe will be one of these. yet.

I admire his faith. Were I to choose a religion, it might be Buddhism. He shouldn’t try to convince people to adopt his philosophy though. He should lead by example and accept the reality in which other people live. No point in killing Morgan other than so they can point at his corpse and say ‘Told ya so!’ And the show needs a moral compass.

There’s not much of a show without Rick.

All things considered, my money’s on Carol. I’ve heard the cast were ‘devastated’ by the finale script. She seems to have travelled her arc, making her the likely target, and it would certainly be a hard death to take for the rest of the cast.


My guesses (and someone dies, someone always dies).

Abraham. Glenn. Carol.

(Not my sweet Glenn!)

I primarily suspect it will be something to do with Maggie, Glenn or the baby. In particular, I think she’ll lose the baby. I just don’t think adding a second baby to the show adds anything to show and Judith is already under utilized.

Abraham is a distinct possibility as well. He’s been getting an awful lot of screen time.

I also see the possibility of a Carol death.

*** Major Possible Spoiler ***

There is a rumor that Norman Reedus is leaving the show. So a Daryl death is possible if the rumor is true.

I’ve been predicting Maggie for a long time. They are not having that baby.

I’d be okay with her losing the baby (if absolutely necessary, losing Maggie as well) simply because I don’t want another damn baby on the show.

That’s more like speculation based on a rumor.

Here’s my major possible spoiler.

Really, could be a real spoiler (from the books), you’re warned.

When I was looking something up I ran across something that said in the books Glenn gets killed by someone from the Hilltop. I quickly backed out and didn’t read anymore. I may have even misread it. And we all know that the books and the show don’t quite go hand in hand, but there it is. If they have to take out a major character this season, my guess is Glenn. It makes sense too, since ‘he’d live on’ so to speak in the baby. Just like we got Judith when we lost Lori. In fact, I think I used this same line of reasoning when I guessed that he might have died under the dumpster last year.

Perhaps, but I was unhappy with a friend of mine who told me about the rumor (I prefer not to know such things) so I wanted to give others the option of not knowing about it.

While the books and the show are different, there are a number of parallel story lines. In fact the show has followed the books pretty well with slight divergences with characters and storylines. For example in the books: Terminus did not happen. Carol kills herself at the prison. Judith dies with Lori escaping the prison. Grady Memorial story line did not happen. Andrea is alive and well in Alexandria and hooks up with Rick. Morgan is not a bad-ass staff fighter.

In the books, Glenn is killed by Negan in front of Rick, Maggie, and other Alexandrians, with a baseball bat to the head.

Working theory :

Every woman that sleeps with Rick eventually dies…

Considering before Michonne, he had only slept with Lori…I’d say your sample is too small.

You’re forgetting Jessie.

Or if you want to argue that there’s no proof they slept together, I’ll rephrase the theory : every woman that gets romantically involved with Rick eventually dies.

I did forget Jessie. Still, given the circumstances they live in, it doesn’t necessarily have to be people that slept with Rick, it could be people that know Rick. Even then the correlation doesn’t mean causation.


I’ll bet on Carol.

Daryl has what’s not exactly “plot armor” but more “Rights armor” and is therefore safe: AMC makes a bundle off the character, none of which need be shared with Robert Kirkman et al. I would guess that if Reedus really wants to leave the show, the showrunners will write out the character without killing him, in case Reedus later comes back or is willing to do guest shots.

My money would be on Carol: the way the writers directly attributed Sam’s fatal freak-out to Carol’s words, seemed, quite possibly, to be part of laying the grounds for a death that would be justified by 'Carol must pay for all she’s done.’
…Sorry about the tortured Spoiler tags, but I realized I’d referred to something that someone ELSE had put inside tags. It’s only speculation, of course, but…just in case it’s upsetting, I changed the post.

Abraham is the most likely to go. His plot lines and character arc are all leading to walker-chow or Negan batting practice. But I don’t see the other cast members “devastated” by that script.

I also agree that one way or another, Maggie’s baby isn’t being born. Does simply losing the baby rank as “devastating” to the rest of the cast?

That depends upon what they were told to say.
I hope for Abraham. Hell, take Rick. Carol, Darryl and Glen are the ones I care about.

Most likely: Abraham, which is too bad because he’s become one of my favorite characters.

Next most likely: Glenn. Putting myself in the position of the writers, his death would cause maximum sadness, what with leaving his pretty young pregnant wife behind and all.

As I understand it, if they follow the comic books, Glen.

I am interested in a television program.
One that is based on a comic book.

I think Carol for the reasons mentioned above, plus the fact that she’s finally found someone. She’s been the ‘save their ass’ hero for so long, I think everyone would be devastated is she left. No to mention the fans because she her Daryl love went unrequited.