So, why do you post political opinions here on-line?

Why do you post political opinions on line? What do you get out of it? It won’t make you friends, it certainly won’t make you rich,
and honestly there may just be some Politicians who don’t like to be reminded, after they’ve been fluffed for hours on end by their campaign,
they the well and truly are… Schmucks!

Politicians who, if they can, Will try to give you a hard time.

So, why do it?

I’ll go first (I’m selfish that way).

I do it because there are somethings that I honestly feel need to be said… Somewhere…
and because nobody says what I want to say exactly the way that I want (and like) it said. I think that its occasionally fun and
far too often necessary, even if no one reads my words at all.

I’m far too opinionated for any of the candidates (Especially the ones I like) to ever have me volunteering for them.
(Could you imagine the amount of apology time a candidate would have to put in if MY opinions were ever traced back to
any person working for their campaign?)

I post because I’m vain enough to think that every once in a while I’m funny. I’m not vain enough to think that anyone high-up
in anyone’s campaign ever reads what I write… but I Am vain enough to think that campaigns are Gigantic Things, spanning 50 states
and all of their cities and towns, both small and large.

I’m vain enough to think that perhaps… maybe… somewhere… there might be one low level volunteer for a campaign who
might run across something that I’ve written and actually smile and laugh.

That said… so why do You post political opinions here on-line?

To say what I need to say; to evaluate and test my arguments (i.e. “I think this makes sense but I’m not 100% sure so let’s see if it’s challenged”); to better understand what others think, especially those who disagree with me; to show the weakness of bad arguments when I think I’ve spotted one; to commiserate/celebrate with others who feel similarly after elections; and that’s all I can think of right now.

To fight ignorance.

I like arguing with people and it helps me to flesh out my own beliefs. If I can’t defend it, I shouldn’t believe it, as** iiandyiii** knows well :stuck_out_tongue:

I try not to, as most people over the age of 25 aren’t likely to change their opinions, so it is usually a waste of time.

Because I can’t sit by when someone is wrong on the internet.

Actually, there are things that I think need to be said and repeated until they are at least a regular part of the discussion. I’m perfectly happy if someone gets there first and says it (probably better than I would). If not, then I’ll probably make a stab at it.

Secondarily, it is a chance for me to stretch my writing skills a little.

Where else would I post them?

I’ve been here darn near half my life. Ain’t got the patience nor the inclination to change now.

Off to IMHO.

Yep. But why limit it to <25 yos? My 75 yr-old mom’s not changing her mind, either :slight_smile:

But if I do, it’s because I want to support a particular viewpoint. Though, as **Omar **said, it’s most-often a waste of time.

As with most things, opinions are just that… opinions. All of them are valid when you consider where they’re coming from. So these type of arguments typically only serve to frustrate the engaged parties. Rarely does someone listen, learn, or change their mind.

To evaluate and test my arguments, to find other people who have similar views who may have ideas or concepts I’m new to.

Because if I scream it in the street, people look at me like I’m crazy.

And honestly, it needs to be screamed. Some of the things that are going on in America today are so astonishing, corrupt, and brazenly insane that merely screaming them seems to be inadequate. And people still appear completely oblivious to it… Even when we are rioting in the streets, there are people that just don’t pay any attention at all.

I’ve been wrong in politics so many times, from Obama to Obama care to Clinton instead of Trump and now back to Trump as the lesser evil, that I no longer have any pride left which helps me have less vanity and in turn that helps me double check what I think before I post.

Vanity is really just useless thinking anyway …:smiley:

Grin! That’s about it!

Also, every now and then, I actually learn something here. The ignorance that is being fought is sometimes my own.

Because there’s no where else to talk about it.

a. We’re not allowed to talk about partisan politics at work
b. I don’t want to lose any friends out of work.

(A guy in the cubicle next to me kept pestering me about the election. Not in a casual ‘what do you think’ kind of way, but in the “You’re an idiot and I’m going to yell at you until you agree with me.” kind of way. Despite multiple mature, reasoned, calm requests to get him to drop the subject so I could get back to work, I finally had to scream at him to STFU and walk out of the room for 30 minutes. While I was gone two men in the office got him under control and now when he brings up politics I just put on my ear protection from the range.)

And this is different from the SDMB how exactly? :smiley:

I think that sometimes, especially on the Internet, there is too much time when people only see what they agree with. You block people you disagree with, you only surf news sites that agree with you - that kind of thing. The SDMB counters that, for me. Plus the other factors mentioned - to see the arguments on the other side, and test my own.

Also to crush my enemies, drive them before me, and hear the lamentations of their women.


To share in a sense of community, which is pretty much why I post anything at all online, not just political opinions.

Because its easier to ignore a thread than the guy I work next to 5 days a week. :wink:

Just to get it out of my system. I live in a very red corner of a very red state and on the average day I hear more derp than I could handle if I didn’t vent online. The derpiest people I encounter regularly have all learned not to bring it up with me but they go all passive aggressive by discussing it loudly within earshot of me but not when I can join the conversation. I’m a centrist Democrat but if you asked some of the people in my life they would tell you that I am the libbiest lib that ever libbed.

OMG, I love that sentence because it is So Amazingly True!

There Actually Are people who treat those who believe in Democratic Ideals and The Democratic Party as if we have some contagious disease… and as if learning something without raising their voice might make them catch it. :frowning:

Most often because I feel like I’ve had an original thought and I want to test it against a jury of my peers. Occasionally I feel I’ve had an original thought and I want to know if it’s truly original.